How to Choose the Best School?

One of the most important phases of a child’s life is schooling. When the children grow into adults, their roots are in their schools only. You should always find the right school for your child according to their creativity, intelligence, and personality. Getting admitted to the best school in Greater Noida can help your child improve their academic performance and achievement in life.

Parents need to plan carefully if they want to select a government or private school for providing the most effective guidance for their children. Below are a few key factors to consider while choosing the best school in Greater Noida.

Factors to choosing the best school

Do the research work

Before getting admitted to any school, get precise knowledge if it will work better with your child or not and the kind of environment provided by the school. Keep in mind the factors about your child and make a list of schools that meet your requirements. Then, you can visit the school’s website and prospectus to know more about it. You can also take recommendations from your neighbors or relatives.

Fundamental values of the school

Always try to find out the philosophy provided by the school towards the educational system. Meet the principal or director of the school, and figure out the techniques of schooling provided to children. Try and figure out if they only worry about academics and if they provide practical knowledge or not. The best school in Greater Noida aims to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to the students.


Nowadays, school fees have risen tremendously. The parents must know about the fees structure beforehand. The parents can make up their minds regarding the budget planning or look for another school having a reasonable fee structure. The parents can go with the school providing better academics regardless of having fewer sports, fun, and extracurricular activities. These activities can be made a part to play at their home. 

The curriculum of the school

Several forms of boards are present throughout India, for example, state boards, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and more. Before starting the admission process, find out which one they teach. If you admit your child to the 11th-12th standard, find out the combinations of subjects and elective subjects offered by them. 

Teachers and other staff members

You must visit the school premises before the admission process begins and ensure that they have the best teachers. Meet every teacher and staff member on the visit, interact with them, and pay attention to what they say about the school and other teachers. Also, get a brief knowledge about the teacher’s qualifications and experiences.

Visit the school

The brochures and websites will surely provide a good acknowledgment of the school. But it would be best if you never skipped visiting the school premises. Try to visit during the schooling hours only and look for the library, classrooms, and more. You can get to know how the school runs.

The infrastructure of the school

While visiting the school, also pay close attention to the school’s infrastructure. For example, look if they have good classrooms, labs, a library, etc. Also, see if they have a big enough playground for children. Parents should also examine if they promote cleanliness or not. 

The bottom line

You can select the best school in Greater Noida for your child by the factors mentioned above. The child can surely be benefited if you will also be involved with their education. You can provide the best education to your child by gathering information, visiting the school, and making the correct decisions. Anyway, this will be just a start. You should always incorporate and encourage your child to work smartly. Also provided them the opportunity to learn and grow at home. Get admission to Seth M. R. Jaipuria School to better your child.