How to Choose the Best Footwear?

We tend to keep switching shoes to match our outfits and the event we are attending. For example, we go for the pointed heels for a wedding and the flat canvas shoes for an early morning jog.

Just like any other accessories, the footwear adds an essential touch to the final look. However, one generally gets overwhelmed with the wide range of styles, colours, and designs available in the shoes. Hence, mostly, individuals neglect to consider the importance and the benefits of footwear.

Today’s trend may seem fancy from the outside, but it could be damaging your feet. Socially influenced, many pick up habits that are not good for the feet. For example, wearing ballet flats for casual wear or running on the track barefoot- moreover, some also play other sports such as badminton and tennis without footwear.

Indeed, it could feel much convenient at that moment, but it can severely affect the body. The negative impacts may be felt instantly or in the long run- but without proper arch support, there is no advantage in the shoes. 

Why is good arch support critical in footwear?

When choosing shoes, one must always bear in mind that they should be beneficial for the foot. Weak arch support shoes can negatively impact the body. 

Here are a few examples:

  • It can cause the whole body to lose its alignment.
  • Lead to posture problems
  • It can cause back, pelvis, knee, and hip pain
  • Difficulties in walking

These problems can be avoided by wearing shoes with arch support. The arch may differ from one person to another; therefore, one must choose the footwear that fits them perfectly. 

What are the different types of the arch?

Just like the taste in shoes differs from one person to another, their walking style also differs. Therefore, each individual’s arch also varies from the others. The arch can be classified into the following.

High Arch

The ones with high arches tend to walk on the pad and heels of their feet. Due to their high arches, under pronation is very popular in them.

Low Arch

In contrast to what is mentioned above, due to the low arch, there can be overpronation. Also, they rest on a lower level to the ground.


The name says it all. People with flat feet hand very little or at all any arch. Flat feet can cause several problems, such as; back pain, knee pain, heel pain, and poor posture.

You must be wondering what pronation is, and how it can go over or below. Don’t worry! We have briefed it for you. 

What does pronation mean?

Pronation is a condition that causes one’s feet to either roll inward or outwards while walking.

Hence, having under pronation or overpronation can cause additional pressure on your body and joints. Thus, leading to a spinal misalignment.

Furthermore, under pronation means those who have high arches in their feet, which cause it to roll outwards.

Likewise, overpronation on the other hand means, people’s feet roll inward when their feet have a low arch.