How to Choose the Best Cannabis Strain

You enter into a marijuana store in Ottawa, to buy silver apple sativa strain. If you’re new to using marijuana products, you might be surprised by the sheer amount of options available. As you begin buying, you may discover that purchasing isn’t as simple as you thought.

Understanding the many types of marijuana strains available and what makes each one unique allows you to make a better, more informed decision when it comes to selecting the perfect cannabis strain for you.

Why Choosing the Right Marijuana Strain is Important

Picking the right cannabis strain is essential to ensuring you have the experience you want when you buy silver apple sativa strain Ottawa.

Choosing the wrong strain can leave you with:

  • The opposite effects you were hoping to experience
  • A bud with a taste and smell you don’t like
  • A high that is either too potent or not near potent enough

Tips for Choosing the Right Cannabis Strain for You

Now that you understand what makes up different cannabis strains, it’s time to choose the one you want to try. Here are some tips to help:

Decide what type of effects you want to experience

Do you need help relaxing after a hard day? If this is the case, an Indica strain would most likely be the best choice for you. If you need an energy boost to help you through the day, use a Sativa or Sativa-dominant strain. Knowing what you want to experience can help you cut down your options quickly and significantly.

Know your limits

If you are new to cannabis, you will most likely prefer something with a lower strength. Nonetheless, experienced users will be able to manage plants with far higher potency. The quantity of THC in the plant may be used to determine its potency. Anything more than 16 percent (and containing little or no CBD) is commonly regarded to be on the top end of the potency spectrum.

Think about flavor and smell

The terpene profile of a strain impacts how it smells and tastes. You can discover strains with citrus undertones, sweet or earthy notes, and various flavors. You may learn about the terpene profile of specific strains or read strain reviews to ensure it has a flavor and smell you like and can tolerate.

Think about your budget

Certain marijuana strains are regarded elite or difficult to get, which might increase their price. If you have a set budget, only look for strains that fall inside it. This will save you time and save you from falling in love with a strain just to learn you can’t afford it.

Ask for recommendations

If you know someone who uses marijuana regularly, ask them if there is a strain they’d recommend you to try. You can also reach out to local budtenders at Ottawa dispensaries.

Check availability. Not all strains are available in all areas or through all dispensaries. Once you’ve created a list of strains, check with local dispensaries in the Ottawa area to locate your selections.


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