How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Unit for Your Home

What is the basis for picking the right air conditioner for your home? When picking an A/C unit, you have to consider some factors such as its size, energy rating, and installation costs.

By understanding these aspects, you will better choose to find the right unit for air conditioning in Irving, TX. Just like buying a car, a refrigerator, or any other appliance, you need to consider many things when getting a new A/C unit, such as the following:


Your home’s size and the floor plan will already give you a fair idea of the size of the air conditioner you need.  This is usually measured in BTUs. If your home has a floor plan that consists of closed-off rooms, you will want an air conditioner with at least 12,000BTU per hour. If your home has mostly open and flowy spaces, you can get by with 10kBTU per hour as the minimum requirement.

Energy Efficiency Rating

A unit’s energy rating or EER essentially represents how much work the unit can do overtime while using less power. The higher the number of stars on its energy rating label, the more efficient it is; e.g., if a 5 star A/C uses 20% less electricity than one that is only rated 3-stars, it is 20% more efficient. Call an expert today for reliable air conditioning in Irving, TX.

Installation Cost

For better or worse, installation costs are usually a component of the price you pay for an air conditioner. You’ll spend less if you decide to do it yourself. However, there are risks and dangers if you have no experience and the right set of tools.

Calling an expert is always the best option. But whatever you decide to do, make sure that you know your options before making any commitments and always ask around for prices from several different companies.

Additional Features

An air conditioner with an advanced cooling system, for instance, will let you program it so that different parts of your home will get cooled/heated at different times. This is helpful if you want to save on energy bills which can add up over time.

If you are buying a window unit, it helps to know whether the installation kit comes included. This way, when you buy one, all you need is the actual air conditioner and nothing else.


Being comfortable with the brand you buy from is a personal decision, but it’s also significant. There aren’t many options when it’s something as important as your home’s comfort provider. That is why we will always recommend that you compare different brands of A/C units against each other before deciding on which one to purchase.

Like anything else in life, some companies offer better services than others, so they end up worth spending more money on.


A warranty essentially protects you from any mechanical or electrical defects for a certain amount of time, usually up to five years. Before going for a brand with better warranty coverage, do remember that all A/C manufacturers require proof of proper maintenance before honoring their warranties.

So if you don’t plan on following the manufacturer’s instructions during installation and upkeep, then there’s no point in paying extra for a more comprehensive warranty.

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