How to Buy a Big Diamond Ring

Many people envision having a huge diamond on their hand, but not everyone will be able to match up to some of the rings that celebrities have owned over the years.

Back in 1969, Richard Burton bought his wife a rather big diamond ring. This was no ordinary diamond, and big is not the best way to describe it. Elizabeth Taylor became the proud owner of a 69-carat diamond ring costing $.15 million, reports the History Channel.

This stunning ring is not something that most people could even think about ever purchasing, but there are sizable diamonds that are within reach.

Understanding a little about diamonds before making a purchase is invaluable. Buying simple craft jewelry is all a matter of taste, but buying a big diamond ring is more akin to making an investment. Purchase poorly, and your diamond might not be worth as much as you paid for it.

How much should you expect to pay?

You may want to learn how to save on insurance if you are going to invest in a large diamond. The price of which can vary quite dramatically. You can take a 3-carat diamond as an example for pricing.

There are 4 considerations to choosing a diamond, and they are known as the 4 c’s. These are cut clarity, color, and carats. Thus the weight, the way the diamond has been cut, and how clear and flawless it is, all determine the price.

By opting for a lower quality in the other 3 C’s, you can acquire a 3-carat diamond, suitable for personalized jewelry, at a significantly reduced price than you might expect. A lower quality 3-carat diamond could cost around $19,000, while a higher quality one may increase the price by as much as $70,000 – a considerable difference, indeed.

How big will a 3-carat diamond be?

The term carat refers to weight rather than size but obviously, this does have some bearing on the overall look too. The cut of the diamond will also determine how big the diamond looks as well as the setting.

A 3-carat oval diamond ring can appear larger than a 4-carat diamond that is cut in a different shape. This is because oval rings tend to look bigger than many other cuts due to their shape.

A 3-carat oval ring would be something like 11.7mm long, and 7.8mm wide. There would be a depth of around 4.76mm also.

What understanding do you need concerning color?

The Gemological Institute of America developed the range that defines the color of diamonds. This runs from the letters D to Z. The GIA deliberately removed A through C as these letters are used to signify quality in other areas and could prove confusing.

D is the highest grade you can obtain on the color chart, and this means that the diamond is colorless. Z is at the opposite end and represents the least desirable and valuable of the gems.

Color is also an important aspect when it comes to the setting that you are planning on using. Where the diamond sits on the GIA scale can affect how it looks if placed on yellow gold or a white setting.

Is clarity more important than color in a diamond?

The diamond’s clarity is one of the 4 c’s as mentioned above. The clarity of a stone is important as it refers to flaws in the gem. The more flaws there are then the less value the diamond has, and also the less attractive it may appear to the eye.

There is also a scale put into place for clarity as there is for color. One diamond expert recommends that you should start at around SI1 on the scale for clarity. This means that flaws will be slightly included. You may prefer or need to move up the scale to VS2 which means that the diamond will only slightly have inclusions (flaws), but this will affect the cost.


One tip to remember, if you do buy a huge diamond ring, be careful when you wear it. Wedding season is nearly here and upstaging the bride is always a no-no. Knowing how to prepare for a wedding as a guest, may mean you have to leave the ring at home. Just for one day.

What hasn’t been mentioned here is the setting, and a solitaire ring is a good choice for a bigger diamond of around 3-carats. While your diamond specialist can advise you on color, clarity, and the cut, you should put some thought into your choice of ring or setting also.

One thing is certain, as long as you make the right choice, the diamond you buy will last you a lifetime and will make a perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Although, it might get lost in Elizabeth Taylor’s.