How to Avoid Common Real Estate Scams?


Real Estate Scams are quite varied. Scammers take cover everywhere, from loan application to domestic inspection they keen to con you at each level of procedure. Not only the home buyers are at risk, but these scammers also target home owners as well. They also target commercial property owner and buyer, even the renters are also not safe. These scammers reach out to every interested person through phone calls, advertisement or emails. 

Essentially, all the people those are searching out for the home or have a home or seeking for any other form of property can be target to this scam. So every person needs to be aware about these scams.

So, here we discuss some points that will help everyone to protect themselves from scammers. 

Common Real Estate Scams & How to avoid them:

The real estate scammers are able to target sellers, buyers as well as renters. Unluckily, criminals are becoming extra innovative in how they target consumers. 

If you want to be aware of the real estate scams, Capital Smart City and numerous housing societies are providing legal real estate investment. Read out these given below common scams that will help how you can avoid them.

Avoid Wire Fraud:

The buyers and sellers or investors who follows the instructions of wire blindly and they assume that all is well then they become the victim of this fraud. As the very first thing, when your real estate dealer email get hacked. Con artists use spoofing strategies to make cellphone numbers, email addresses and websites appear acquainted. Con artist makes fake website that almost looks very similar to the real company’s name because they are actually trying to make it actual deal.

To avoid this fraud, before sending money to any third party check out all your documents again that you have received from backer. Don’t click to any email address and there is no need to send money online. 

We Buy Houses! :

Despite the fact that there are a few legitimate organizations specializing in buying houses for cash. The scammers that become buyers offers you higher prices of the houses as they don’t want to pay it by themselves definitely. Rather, they get you to signal an agreement promising to sell house to them. For fee, they flip round and attempt to sell that agreement to someone else. 

In maximum instances, these type of deal falls apart and also you turn out to be with nothing. You couldn’t promote the residence to anyone. 

To avoid this fraud, don’t give any response to ads on telephones poles. Never sign on the blank document. Search for some valid organizations or websites and ensure that they are authentic.

Home inspection:

Before buying a home, home inspection is the essential part. The scammer acts as home inspectors don’t give right information and hide the problems those are in that house and just send you bills.  

To avoid this home scam, make sure that expert home inspector go over to every part of the home so you can easily detect and understand the problems. Several legal housing societies like 

Lahore Smart City and many other are providing beneficial investment, you can move to these societies as they provide safety to residents.   

Rental Scams & Fake Listing:

Scammers use some photos that they take from other listings and post them on social media apps like Facebook marketplace in form of listing. They post about property rental ads. These con artists have no any directly or indirectly connection with properties. They ask for the payment to deposit first and often they get succeed. 

To avoid this type of scams, find out all the information about the property from the websites and try to contact first to the property owners. If someone is saying that he is a real estate agent then must ask for to show you license first and take picture of it. Always take information on those listing those have added watermark, contact number, name, and looks like a secured listing as well. 


Real estate scams are increasing rapidly because remote work has a great impact in scamming as it has changed everyone’s life. Due to this scammers take advantage of the buyers, sellers and investors.  The main reason is, scammers know that real estate transaction is a completely unique possibility wherein a large amount of money is exchanged. So, only contact with those person you think that are trustable, professional and qualified. 

Don’t give your personal information and never send them via email. . Must ensure the escrow account number is similar. Ask dealer to verify all the details and repeat instructions as well. Don’t deposit money to anyone in advance. By using these tips you can get a lot of protection.