How to archive and unarchive a photo on Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-oriented app, allowing the users to play around with numerous filters, photo transitions and effects. You can put exciting stickers and emojis right over the photos to make them presentable and exciting. It’s usual for people to upload photos regularly on Instagram about their personal and routine life. However, the question is, what if you don’t want particular photos to appear on your profile for your personal reasons? Many people feel annoyed with the massive data and photos they upload on Instagram; in that case, they simply delete their memories by erasing the photos from the account. Instead of permanently deleting the media files, you can archive them when you feel like you no longer want to see them on your profile page.

It will be such a significant loss to delete the beautiful photos you have taken with your friends, loved ones and colleagues. Remember that once you delete the images, you won’t be able to retrieve them back at any cost. The best way for you is to archive them to hide them from the profile page and unarchive them anytime you wish to have them back on your profile page.

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What does archive and unarchive photos means:

On Instagram, you can archive and unarchive your pictures.

Archiving of photos:

When you archive a photo, it means that you have to hide that photo from your profile. Your Instagram followers will not be able to see it. It does not mean that your picture gets deleted or it permanently gets hidden. All this feature is that it hides your photos from showing on your profile, and you can easily unhide them whenever you want.

For instance, if you have broken up with your current boyfriend, you can archive all the photos of him and you as a couple on Instagram to protect yourself from pain. Looking at those pictures might make you uncomfortable at the point when you are ready to move on. Likewise, some families upload massive photos of their family members. If there’s a whole lot of pictures on Instagram of deceased family members, you may want to archive their photographs. It will help you or your family deal with all the sadness that comes with the grief.

There might be different logical reasons to choose to hide some memorable photos and media files from Instagram. Not to mention every photo that you capture is more or less a memory to keep. Don’t feel emotional and decide on the spur of the moment. Never delete your photos permanently, even if they are causing you emotional trauma or discomfort. Put them aside for a specific time period and consider them as a stack of memories lost in the wind. Archive those photos and hide them away.

How to archive photos on Instagram:

You need to follow the following steps to archive a photo on your Instagram photo. The steps are the same for both android and iPhone.

  1. Open your Instagram account on your mobile phone or PC
  2. Now tap the profile icon on the bottom left corner.
  3. After going to your profile page, select the post you want to hide.
  4. After going to that specific post, click on the three-dot icon at the top right corner. It will provide a list of different features, out of which you will tap the archive option to hide your post.
  5. After that, your post will be archived.

Unarchiving photos on Instagram:

This is the opposite of archiving, meaning that you can unhide and reveal your photos by using this feature. After doing this, the pictures that you have hidden earlier will start showing on your Instagram profile page with the respective date and post number.

You may have hidden your photos of your ex from the public after a heartbreaking breakup or when he left you in high and dry. Now he’s back on good terms with you, and you have managed to rekindle your relationship with him yet one more time. Revive the memories of your past good times by archiving photos on Instagram. All those photos that you once hated but now you will love to look at. You are back on track and everything is going just the way that you want it to be.

How to unarchive a photo on Instagram:

These steps are also the same for both android and iPhone. To unarchive your photos, you have to follow the steps given below.

  1. Open your Instagram account, click on the profile icon at the bottom right corner.
  2. Your profile page will get opened. Afterwards, go to the three horizontal line icon at the top right corner
  3.  A list of menu options will appear. You have to choose the archive option.
  4. Then the photos or video post will show that you have archived previously.
  5. All you have to do is to get to your desired post and click the three-dot icon. A list of options will appear.
  6. Now just tap on the unarchiving option, then your post will reappear on your profile post feed.

Why is there even an option of archiving and unarchiving your posts?

The availability of these options makes it easy for us to hide and unhide a photo or post on Instagram. We often need this feature, because sometimes we post content that can be harmful, explicit or not secure for a certain time period. Moreover, we may have other reasons for hiding the photos as. We have uploaded too many images already showing on the profile, and we don’t want some particular ones to be on the profile page anymore.

Some users on Instagram choose to archive their photos for privacy reasons. Archiving the photos on Instagram means hiding your photos for a particular period and unarchiving the photos means unhiding the photos and putting them back on display on Instagram profile pictures.

Photo sharing significantly on Instagram. Why?

Photo sharing is crucial to improve your or your brand’s visibility on Instagram. Nonetheless, it’s one most effective way to make your content attractive and engaging for the audience. More overtly, photos enable your followers to understand better your ideas, business ideology, and ongoing promotions.

Instagram always modifies its features to facilitate its users in any comforting way it can. Archive and unarchive features are of many features that most users adore because they need them more than filters.


Archiving and unarchiving are handy features that we can use in our daily life. They can be beneficial in resolving the issues involving a picture that may offend others or a community in public. For instance, there are some LGTB groups sharing media that religious organizations may find very offensive. So, if a user feels like their account is violating the terms and conditions of the Insta community for any reason, they can take necessary action on the spot. Most issues arise from uploading explicit photos usually, and they can be handled easily by users themselves now.