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How To Add A Stylish & Versatile Treatment To Your Windows?

Windows are an essential part of the room because it provides great ventilation and natural light. It also helps in giving a definite shape to your room and enhances your room further in terms of aesthetics. Windows can be stunning as the rest of the room. You must know how to style them that match your room decor. 

There are several window treatment ideas from which you can choose to beautify your window and your entire room. These include shades, curtains, and shutters, each offering different things apart from looks. You can explore your options in Vertical Blinds Perth, which is unique and makes a statement. In this article, we shall discuss some of the amazing window treatment options for all windows, so continue reading to find them out. 

1. Sheer Panels: Sheer panels are curtains made of semi-transparent fabric and are very light. It offers minimal privacy and scatters some light into the room. Sheer panels are designed in such a way that they can soften the window. They are the best for living spaces where privacy isn’t much of a concern. 

2. Heavy Curtains: These curtains are light-filtering and much heavier than the sheer panels. They offer the right amount of privacy you need in the bedroom and allow a little light to pass through. Heavy curtains are fully made of fabric so you can find them in various colours, designs, patterns, and styles. 

3. Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds are popular in modern homes. They have horizontal slats of different materials, such as vinyl, metal, and wood. You have to pull the cord, raise and lower the blinds. These types of blinds can be easily found in various styles, colours, and designs in stores like Bravo Blinds

4. Shutters: Blinds are great, but when decorating your windows, choosing shutters might be wiser. Since most shutters are made of wood, you can paint them as per your room’s decoration. Besides that, you can tilt open shutters to let some light in or swing them completely for a clear view. 

5. Roman Shades: Roman shades are generally made of fabric but can also be found in other materials like bamboo. When raised by a cord, they fold up in even pleats, and the shade surface becomes smooth when lowered. You can choose the amount of privacy with Roman shades by raising and lowering cords. 

6. Honeycomb Shades: These are also known as cellular shades and are usually made of fabric that folds up to look like a honeycomb. There are many options to filter lights so you can choose how much privacy you want. They are also good at insulating windows and can be found in different shades. 


When decorating your room, don’t forget about your window, as they will enhance the look of your room. Various window treatments are available to choose from that match your room’s theme and decor. Some trendy window treatments can be found in stores like Bravo Blinds