How to Achieve a Bold and Flawless Look with Liquid Lipstick

Without liquid lipstick, a makeup kit is incomplete and not unreasonably so. On days brimming with work, you cannot essentially be worrying about how your lips look. Liquid lipstick is the key to ensuring that you go about your day in a carefree way, trusting that your looks are not dismaying you. 

When you have to spend long hours all wrapped up in stuff, liquid lipstick ensures you are not running short on elegance, no matter what. However, what becomes all the more puzzling is how to apply liquid lipstick on your lips to exploit every bit of its magnificent makings. 

Steps to Attain an Immaculate Liquid Lipstick Look

Now that we know about the essentiality of having liquid lipstick in our makeup kits let us discuss the steps on how to reap every inch of its ability to accomplish jaw-dropping beauty: 

  1. Poise Your Lips

Poising your lips for the application of liquid lipstick involves two paths that we must tread. The first one consists in exfoliating your lips. This would liberate them from dead cells, assuring a sleek base to your lips before you begin to fill them up with cosmetics. You can exfoliate your lips by scrubbing them gently using a soft toothbrush with Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly on it. You can also use sugar or cinnamon to scrub them. 

After ridding your lips of dead cells, moisturize them well to achieve the optimum effect of your liquid lipstick. Liquid lipstick, lasting long, can wither your lips, causing cracks and ruptures. Moreover, these splits might become visible and look hideous while you have the lipstick on. Moisturizing your lips before applying liquid lipstick dissipates this unsettling possibility to some extent. You can use a moisturizing lip balm or shea butter for the same. 

  1. Define Your Lips 

It is terribly frustrating when your liquid lipstick bleeds into other areas while you apply it on your lips. To prevent the same, you must first define your lips. Outline them using a liner that matches the tint of your lipstick. Beginning the line from the middle of the cupid bow always works best. Bestowing definition to your lips, a liner helps forge a bounding line that averts bleeding, thereby ensuring its flawless application for a bold look. 

  1. Apply Liquid Lipstick

Use a brush to paint the liquid lipstick on your lips. You would retain optimum control with a brush, and the liquid lipstick would spread over with greater accuracy. Begin applying the liquid lipstick first on the borders of the lower lip. Slowly, move towards the cupid bow. Reapply the layer of liquid lipstick to render you with a dense and bold look. 

  1. Blot Your Lips 

After the application of liquid lipstick, blot your lips with a cloth or a piece of paper. With this in effect, the shiny appearance of your liquid lipstick gets a more matt look, bestowing a bold semblance. This also clears out the surplus traces of the liquid lipstick. This renders our lips with a more polished finish.

  1. Rectify Mistakes

Difficult to remove, liquid lipstick, if smudged, can taint your skin. Thus, employing a makeup remover or a moisturizer, steer clear of any bleeding or smudges produced as a result of the application of liquid lipstick. You can also use a concealer around your lips for bleeding or smudges. This confers a flawless look to your lips.  

  1. Apply a Setting Spray

To lock up that your liquid lipstick stays put, you must apply a setting or a finishing spray over it. This would ensure that it lasts for longer hours. You can also use a lipstick sealer to achieve the same effect. These are liquids that can be coated onto your lips using a brush to provide a transfer-free impact, after which even the longest of smooches would be rendered incapable of ripping your lips of the bold and flawless appeal. 

In a Nutshell

When it comes to rocking a bold look, liquid lipstick is the go-to. Accessible in a variety of shades, you can make a bold statement by picking your desired preference. With glossy, mat, and metallic finishes, you can choose the one that compliments your idea of boldness. What is crucial is that the steps above are correctly followed to carry off a bold and flawless look.