How the Aviation Industry Deal with Air Cargo

The aviation industry is responsible for transporting millions of tons of air cargo around the world each year. Air cargo plays a vital role in global trade, but it also presents its own set of challenges when it comes to protection and convenience. To meet these challenges, the industry has developed various solutions such as collapsible Unit Load Devices (ULDs) that are designed to protect goods while maximizing space on aircraft. 

In this article, we will discuss how the aviation industry deals with air cargo and why these solutions have become so important in today’s competitive market.

Collapsible ULDs

Collapsible ULDs are the most used solution for transporting goods on aircraft. The certified collapsible ULDs, which are essentially large containers, can be folded down to reduce their size when not in use, allowing them to easily fit into a variety of cargo compartments on different types of aircraft. 

They are typically made from lightweight yet durable materials such as aluminium and plastic, making them ideal for air transport. 

ULDs provide several benefits including protection from the elements and damages in addition to improved convenience and efficiency when it comes to loading and unloading cargo.

When the certified options are chosen you know that they are of the quality necessary to prove durable and useful.


The aviation industry takes great care to ensure that all air cargo is properly protected during transit. ULDs are designed with features such as reinforced walls and reliable locking mechanisms that help to protect air cargo from damage caused by external factors such as temperature fluctuations, pressure changes, and turbulence. 

The industry also pays close attention to cargo handling procedures to ensure that all items are properly secured and always protected.

It is important when businesses are sending goods abroad that they have the confidence their cargo will be protected. It is about protecting reputations as much as the goods themselves when it comes to the transportation of valuable cargo in bulk. Some items will be more sensitive and vulnerable to damage than others, but they can all be taken care of by an effective packaging solution.


ULDs provide a great deal of convenience when it comes to transporting large amounts of cargo on aircraft. Not only do they reduce the amount of space needed to transport goods, but they also provide easy access to items when unloading from the aircraft.

If you are a courier relying on aircraft for the global transportation of your goods, then you will not want to take up more space than necessary on the plane because this will all cost money. This decision over the types of packaging used will ultimately be responsible for either reducing profit margins or affecting how competitive you can be with your pricing.

Access is vital too because nobody wants to take too long over the process of delivery when time scales are an issue in terms of fulfilling contracts and not disappointing customers. This is along all stages of the supply chain from wholesalers to retailers to the final consumer.

There are checks on what is being transported between countries and so you will want a container that is easy to inspect in terms of its contents, besides being secure to those not allowed access.


Overall, ULDs offer a great deal of protection and convenience when it comes to air cargo. They are designed with features that make them ideal for long-distance transportation. They also offer easy access when it comes to loading and unloading. 

The aviation industry takes great care to ensure that all items are properly protected during transit, making ULDs essential in today’s competitive market. With their help, the transportation of goods across the globe can be done quickly and safely.