How Technology Has Changed Scamming Online

The world of technology has made scamming on the internet much easier and more prominent than ever. Social media allows people to hide behind a mask and present themselves as someone else. The problem with the fast growing Internet is that entrepreneurs and businesses can now scam clients easier than ever. Jeffrey Kramer, the founder of Distinguished Agency and The Amazon Group, is a prime example of a person who has used social media to scam and manipulate others for their cash.

Distinguished Agency is a digital marketing agency that brands itself as having “intentions of helping clients distinguish their brand from the rest.” Through the use of PR and social media, Jeff Kramer of South Florida has created the reputation for Distinguished Agency as a must use business for those looking to build an online presence or grow their online presence. The problem is that they do not follow through and boost a client’s social media presence at all.

Lack of Communication and Unkept Promises

In the past year, Jeff Kramer has brought in about $250,000 from clients expecting his services. Many of those clients have complained that he did not keep his promises and did not make an attempt to make up for the lack of kept promises either. One client wrote, “He does not communicate, declines to provide facts or proof of his work, and makes no effort to pay us back.” Good business means communicating with clients regularly especially when money is on the line. The problem could be avoided if one or two clients had complaints then were catered to afterwards with make-up ways. But Kramer has not tried to make up for the lack of kept promises, making his business appear as a scam.

While poor communication does not always mean a business is a scam, it can be a reason for concern. Kramer falls in the lack of communication complaints far too often for it to be a one-time occurrence. One client asked for proof that his service had been completed after he purchased it, and Kramer did not respond for weeks on end. When he finally responded his reply stated, “I’m being honest, and I will do my best to pay you back.” The response was followed by no more communication and currently, the client has still not received a refund.

Does It Run in the Family?

A quick look on his websites or Google shows that Jeff Kramer’s family is involved in the businesses as well. Pamela Kramer and Michael Kramer are both listed as partners to his businesses. It is unclear if the family members are involved in the scamming ways of Jeff Kramer, but it does raise a few concerns if you plan on doing business with any of them. Jeff Kramer has raised a red flag for himself in the business world which would make it understandable if his family’s business ways come with concerns as well. There is no proof that his family has been involved with any  of the scams, but it is something to consider before working with any of them in the future.

Jeff Kramer’s business has a flashy page and solid online image. His sites are filled with news articles, solid reviews, and quality photos, but it is important to remember that the Internet can push an untrue image onto clients or potential clients. Remember that it could all be a scam. Jeff Kramer is one business man you should avoid when possible.