How Often Should You Have Your Drains Cleaned?

A well-functioning drainage system is crucial for a problem-free home. Regular drain cleaning is often underestimated by homeowners, leading to clogs, pipe breakages, and costly repairs. 

This article will discuss the optimal frequency for drain cleaning and provide valuable tips for plumbing maintenance, sewer line care, and preventing blockages in kitchen sink drains.

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Professional Drain Cleaning Once A Year

Homeowners in the US should prioritize a yearly professional drain cleaning. This routine maintenance ensures efficient plumbing system functioning, reducing the risk of clogs and blockages. It also allows early detection of potential problems, saving money on costly repairs. Trained technicians can spot issues like root penetration in sewer lines during routine cleaning.

Monthly Cleaning For Kitchen Sinks

Regularly cleaning kitchen sink drains is essential. Monthly cleaning helps prevent clogs and other issues. Start by removing visible debris from the drain stopper or screen, then pour hot water down the drain. Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, followed by more hot water. Dispose of non-food waste separately.

Sewer Drain Cleaning Every Two Years

Sewer drain lines connect your home to the public sewer line. Accumulated debris like hair, soap scum, and tree roots can cause blockages. Scheduling professional sewer drain cleaning every two years ensures smooth flow. Neglecting sewer lines can lead to pipe breakages and expensive repairs. Signs of clogged sewer drains include slow drainage, unpleasant smells, and gurgling noises.

Signs Your Drains Need Cleaning

Here are some sign your drain needs clearing:

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage indicates the need for drain cleaning. Ignoring this issue can lead to pipe breakages and clogs. Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent major plumbing problems and costly repairs.

Unpleasant Smells

The presence of unpleasant odors indicates the need for drain cleaning. Bacteria and organic matter build-up in pipes causes foul smells. Regular cleaning removes debris before it accumulates and starts to smell bad. Natural remedies like baking soda and vinegar can eliminate odors.

Gurgling Noises

Gurgling noises from drains indicate the need for professional cleaning. This occurs when air gets trapped in pipes due to clogs or blockages, disrupting water flow. Ignoring this issue can lead to pipe breakages and backups.

Tips For Maintaining Clean Drains

Feel free to use the helpful tips if you want to keep your drains in tip-top condition:

Use Drain Catchers

Prevent clogs by using drain catchers in sinks, showers, and bathtubs. These devices trap hair, soap scum, and debris before they enter the pipes. Regular use reduces the need for professional drain cleaning.

Avoid Pouring Grease And Oils

Avoid pouring grease and oils down the drain to prevent blockages. Hot water helps break down fats and oils. Use hot water when washing dishes or cooking to prevent blockages from oil and grease buildup.

Run Hot Water Regularly

Running hot water regularly maintains clean drains by dissolving build-up and debris. It reduces the risk of pipe breakages caused by temperature fluctuations.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Clean your garbage disposal regularly by using baking soda and vinegar. Avoid putting non-food items down the drain to prevent blockages and damage to the unit.


Regular drain cleaning is crucial for a healthy home plumbing system. Schedule professional drain cleaning once a year and sewer drain cleaning every two years. Monthly cleaning of kitchen sink drains is also beneficial. 

Recognize signs of clogged drains and take proactive measures. Use drain catchers, avoid pouring grease and oils, run hot water regularly, and clean your garbage disposal. These practices help maintain clean drains between professional cleanings.