How Nobul Bridges the Gap Between Home Buyers and Real Estate Agents

Alt=“A real estate agent shows blueprints to a young couple buying a home.”

Working with a real estate agent is a must for most home buyers. Buying a property is a major financial transaction, and most buyers want to work with a professional who will guide them through the process. Buying real estate is more than just viewing properties. The process also includes contracts, writing offers, negotiations, and closing.

But the relationship between buyer and agent has changed very little in over a hundred years. The industry has been notoriously reluctant to change. However, there is finally a disruptor on the scene that could be poised to change that.

What Nobul Does

Nobul is a dynamic digital marketplace that helps home buyers and sellers find an agent while agents compete for deal flow. The platform puts the consumer first, allowing them to input some basic information before receiving proposals from agents competing for their business.

Those proposals include information about their fee and their services. What Nobul does that’s rare in the real estate industry is show consumers a real estate agent’s transaction history. The platform puts more information in consumers’ hands, appealing to younger home buyers and sellers who want tech-enabled answers at their fingertips.

How Nobul Puts Consumers First

Nobul is the first marketplace that puts the emphasis on consumers in a real estate context. Agents now have to compete for their business, while consumers benefit from more transparency.

In an interview with Toronto Life, Founder and CEO Regan McGee put it simply: “We’ve massively simplified the whole process. People think buying and selling real estate is complicated, but that’s a way for agents to justify their fees.”

Real Estate Commissions Are Beginning to Change

For years, the standard real estate agent commission has been 6% of the house’s selling price, which includes the commission for both the buying and selling agent. But that’s beginning to change as home prices have soared, and the nature of a real estate agent’s work, and the tools they have at their disposal, have evolved.

Digital listings and AI-supported property matching software have changed the game for real estate agents. They can provide their clients with better listings in less time, as well as cut down on viewings and open houses with digital tools.

Nobul has recognized how the game has changed and wants consumers to benefit from new technology and tools available to real estate agents. By putting agents in a competitive, dynamic marketplace and showing home buyers which services agents provide, home buyers can make a more informed decision before agreeing to work with an agent.

Increasing Consumer Choice in Real Estate

The premise of Nobul is simple: buyers and sellers get to choose the kind of service they want and need. If they want a more bare-bones service, they can negotiate or choose an agent with lower fees. If they want an agent who will pay close attention to them, they may be willing to pay a higher fee for the service.

Nobul increases consumer choice when it comes to working with a real estate agent. It’s a change leading consumers, agents, and brokerages to flock to the platform as it scales across North America.