How Much Will It Cost to Repair a Fence?

The total repair cost of an existing fence normally depends on factors like its size, type, fencing material, labor costs and extent of the damage.

Most property owners incur an average cost of $34 per linear foot for a fence repair. A small fence repair costs $20 per linear foot on average. The cost to fix large fence repairs can reach up to $50 per linear foot.

Average Cost to Repair Fences

ServiceQuantityLow High
Fence repair costsPer linear foot$18$50
Fence repair labor costsPer hour$50$200
Average total cost $20$50

Fence Repair Cost by Material

Fence MaterialFence Repair Cost Estimates 
Vinyl fence$450
Aluminum fence$525
Steel fence$550
Wood fence$500
Chain link fence$450
Brick fence$850
Electric fence$275

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences cost an average of $450 to repair. This is more cost-effective than repairing wood, brick and metal fences. Vinyl fences are therefore quite common because of their affordable installation and repair costs.

Repairing vinyl fencing involves fixing any holes, dents and cracks that may have resulted from direct impact and storms. Vinyl fence posts may also need patching and resetting at the base for better support.

Aluminum Fence

The average aluminum fence repair cost is $525. Although aluminum is the cheapest metal fence material, it is not as stable as wrought iron or steel fencing panels. It may thus be easily damaged and dented by direct force and harsh weather conditions.

Aluminum fence repairs normally involve welding, patching and replacing of damaged fence panels.

Steel Fence

Homeowners pay an average of $550 to repair their steel fences. A steel panel is an extremely sturdy fencing material. This makes it one of the most low-maintenance fencing materials available.

Steel fencing repairs generally involve welding and fence painting any damaged or fallen fence sections. Such damage is mostly a result of storms and accidents.

Wood Fence

The average wood fence repair cost is $500. A wooden fence is one of the most visually appealing fencing alternatives. Wood fences come in a wide variety of grains and styles. This makes them rather popular.

A wood fence repair normally involves re-staining or repainting any damaged parts. This keeps them from any pest and rot damage. Since a wood fence is extremely prone to weather damage, its rails and posts may need replacing if they are damaged beyond repair.

Chain link fence repairs normally cost an average of $450. Chain link fences are usually preferred for their strength and durability. Their installation and repair process is also quite cost-effective.

A chain link fence repair generally involves fence post resetting, top rail repairs and new chain link installation on damaged sections.

Brick Fence

Brick fences cost an average of $850 to repair. This is quite expensive when compared to the fence repairs of other materials. This is because of the labor and time-intensive nature of repairing brick fences.

A brick fence repair involves relaying and resetting any bricks that may have been damaged by harsh weather and direct impact. Bricks are, however quite strong and therefore not easily damaged. They are also very aesthetically pleasing.

Electric Fence

An electric fence repair costs an average of $275. It is usually advisable to hire trusted fence contractors for such a project since it presents a great risk of injury for DIY contractors.

Timber Fence Repair Cost by style

TypeAverage Fence Repair Costs
Picket fence$300
Privacy fence$825
Shadowbox fence$525
Split Rail fence$500
Lattice fence$550
Stockade fence$525

Picket Fence

Picket fences are normally easy to repair because they are small and simple in design. Although they can be made from a variety of materials, most of them are vinyl and wood fences. The average cost to repair picket fences is $300.


Privacy Fence

Privacy fences are normally quite expensive to repair. This is because they incur high material costs in their construction.

They are therefore made up of many materials which makes them rather large and difficult to repair. The average privacy fence repair cost is $825.


Shadowbox Fence

Shadowbox fences are wooden fences that resemble picket fences in appearance. They are however a bit taller than picket fences and have alternating vertical panels on both sides of their rails.

They are also prone to problems like wood rot because they are wood fences. The average shadowbox wood fence repair cost is $525.


Split Rail Fence

Repairing split rail fences costs an average of $500. Split rail fences are also referred to as log fences. They are traditionally found in ranches and farms since they can cover vast tracts of land using simple fence posts and rails.

Split rail wooden fences are also extremely prone to wood rot as a result of moisture and pest damage.


Lattice Fence

Repairing a lattice fence costs an average of $550. A lattice fence offers you a great visual appeal since it is quite beautiful and allows foliage to grow through it.

Depending on whether it is a vinyl, metal or wooden fence, a lattice fence faces issues like moisture, rot and pest damage. Professional fence contractors can address such issues while maintaining its style and beauty.



Stockade Fence

The average cost to repair a stockade fence is $525. A stockade is a wooden fence made from tall closely connected planks. This makes it extremely suitable for privacy purposes.


Additional Cost Factors for a Fence Repair

Type of Repair

Type of RepairAverage Repair CostAverage Replacement Cost
Fence Charger$175$300
Fence Transformer$150$250
Fence Picket$200$250
Fence Post$275$350
Fence Panel$225$475
Fence Gate$325$525

Fence Charger and Transformer

Electric fences are normally powered using electric fence transformers and chargers. The cost to repair such chargers when they are damaged is $175 on average. If your transformer is damaged, expect to pay $250 on average to replace it.

Fence Pickets

The average repair cost of fence pickets is $200. The actual project costs however vary depending on the pickets’ material. The cost to fix pickets from composite fences is therefore cheaper than that of repairing metal pickets.

Pickets are prone to cracking or chipping as a result of harsh weather and impact accidents. You can therefore choose to replace your fence pickets for an average of $200 if they are damaged beyond repair.

Fence Post

The average fence post repair cost is $275. The most common fence post problems include instability, rot, water damage and pest infestation.

Fence post repairs therefore involve post resetting and reinforcement You can also replace your fence posts for an average of $350 if they are damaged beyond repair.

Fence Panel

The average cost to repair a fence panel is $225. You may however have to pay an average of $475 to replace your old fence panels if they undergo significant damage from accidents, storms and winds.

Fence Gate

Fence gate repairs cost an average of $325 to complete. This can, however vary depending on the gate’s material and size. Fence gate repairs are therefore more expensive for large metal gates than they are for small wood and vinyl gates.

Homeowners pay an average of $525 to replace extremely damaged fence gates. This cost is usually dependent on the type of fence gate being fixed. The repair cost of a simple vinyl fence gate is therefore lower than that of a decorative metal gate.

Type of Problem

Type of ProblemAverage Repair Cost
Fence Hole$250
Unstable Post$325
Cracked Post$325
Leaning Fence$500
Rusted Fence$625

Fence Repair Costs of a Hole

A fence repair project involving a hole costs an average of $250 to complete. This repair cost however varies based on the fence material and the hole’s size.

The cost to repair a small hole in a vinyl or wooden fence is therefore cheaper than that of a fence repair project involving a large hole on a stone fence.

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Fence Repair Costs of an Unstable Post

A fence repair project involving an unstable post costs an average of $325 to complete. New fence installation projects done improperly often cause such instability. Other post instability causes include rot and water damage at the base.

Fence Repair Costs of a Cracked Post 

A fence repair project involving a cracked post costs an average of $325 to complete. Such a fence repair project involves patching the cracked post and treating it with resin.

Concrete posts are normally treated with mortar. Most posts normally crack because of weathering and direct impact.

Fence Repair Costs of a Leaning Fence

Expect to pay an average repair cost of $500 if your entire fence is leaning. Fence leaning is usually caused by problems such as water damage, rotting, improper installation and pest infestation.

Fence Repair Costs of a Rusted Fence

A fence repair project involving a rusty fence costs an average of $625 to complete. When a wrought iron or chain link fence is exposed to excessive moisture, it develops rust.

A rusted wrought iron or chain link fence repair involves neutralizer treatment of all rusty areas. Painting can then be done to provide protection against future rusting. If you cannot repair a fence due to excessive rust damage, you should replace it.

Labor Cost to Repair a Fence

Property owners pay an average of $125 per hour in labor costs for a fence repair project. This normally varies depending on cost considerations such as the type of personnel hired and the weight of the job in question.

Repairing your fence may therefore be cheaper if you choose to do the project yourself or hire a handyman. Engaging professional fence contractors may however be necessary for heavy tasks like resetting and repainting large fence sections.

DIY vs Professional Fence Repair

The best way to repair a fence is by hiring fence repair pros to do it for you. The fence repair cost per linear foot is usually higher when you hire experts to repair your fence. This can however save you from doing mistakes that could cost you in the future.


How Do You Choose Between a Fence Replacement and Fence Repair?

When choosing between a fence repair and a fence replacement, it is important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each. Although fence replacements can cost you up to $10,000, they may be a better option than frequently recurring fence repairs.

Most well-maintained fences can only last for a maximum of 10 to 20 years depending on their fence material. Owners are therefore advised to plan for entire fence replacements once their fences have clocked 10 years.

What is an Emergency Fence Repair?

An emergency fence repair is a situation where a fence is in urgent need of reconstruction because of the vital role it plays in safeguarding an owner’s property lines. A good example of an emergency fence repair is when an animal electric fence is damaged.

If such a fence is not quickly repaired, the animals may wonder beyond the property lines and expose themselves to danger. Intruders may also gain access to the animals in such situations. Expect to pay an additional $200 for an emergency fence repair.

How Much Does It Cost to Reinforce a Fence?

An existing fence reinforcement project costs an average of $400 to complete. This however varies depending on the size of the job per linear foot and the reinforcement technique applied.

Wind reinforcement involves installing extra wood panels on the rails. Concrete can also be applied on the bottom end of the posts even though it is not recommended for wooden posts.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Fence?

Expect to pay an average of $2500 to paint your fence. This can however vary depending fence’s size per linear foot. Painting enhances a fence’s visual appearance by covering up any marks and stains that may have developed before or during fence repairs.

It can also elevate your home’s curb appeal by increasing the fence cost which contributes to the total market value of your house. Painting done on wood fences protects them from rotting and weathering thereby increasing their lifespan.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Fence Per Linear Foot?

Expect to pay an average of $40 per linear foot to replace your current fence. This price is inclusive of labor and materials.

It, therefore, varies depending on the new fence material and the kind of labor chosen for the installment. Other cost considerations for replacing your fence include location, fence type and property size.

Do You Need a Permit for a Fence Repair?

Permits are sometimes required when you are repairing fairly large fence sections. Homeowners are therefore advised to consult their local municipal and neighborhood associations to get approval for a large-scale fence repair.

Do I Have to Pay for a Shared Fence Repair?

The place you live in determines whether or not you have to divide the cost to repair a shared fence with your neighbor. Homeowners are therefore advised to consult their state and local laws and guidelines before beginning a shared fence repair project.

Consulting your neighbors could also go a long way in determining how much each of you would contribute to such a fence repair.

Does a Fence Installation Warranty Cover Fence Repairs?

Fence installations normally come with warranties that cover all defects that result from improper installation. It is therefore important for you to go over your warranty policy to find out if there are any fence repair costs it can cover for you.

Does a Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover a Fence Repair?

Yes, it does. Most homeowner insurance policies consider a fence to be part of the insured property. They can therefore cover fence repair projects that result from natural disasters like storms and fallen branches.