How much inspiration we get from fashion influencers outfits?

Influencing is rapidly changing the fashion world and is becoming a primary marketing tool for clothing brands. Especially the ones that are new or based online. There has been a sheer rise in the number of fashion industry/brands in the past few years.  While the advertising agency has also changed to a great extent. Newly emerging businesses are preferring other means of marketing than traditional platforms. Influencers give them the opportunity to have a unique edge over the cut-throat competition in the market.

How do influencers affect our fashion decisions?

The beauty of an influencer is that they already have a dedicated audience who listens to them. We get inspired by the recommendations they bring forth the same as we would follow the suggestion of a friend. Influencers have huge sway in what we wear on daily basis. Just by posting pictures of themselves wearing a particular outfit they can make it a trend among their followers. Consumers find it easier to purchase instantly by using an affiliate link or swiping up. In return, they mostly earn a commission on every purchase made.

Seeing a fashion influencer display an outfit is different from seeing it on the runway. It is a more realistic depiction of how the dress would look on you rather than watching a model. A positive image is promoted by seeing the same outfit on normal body types. It is portrayed in a way in their social media posts that you are tempted to try it out.  For instance, wearing custom Velcro patches is a trendy and funky vibe that you can see promoted by influencers. They can be seen displaying their collection of patches. Or even showing how to attach them to your favourite, bag, cap, or denim wear. Even a small accessory like this can become a rage with influencers at its side.

How do influencers help fashion brands?

The reach of influencers continues to grow which makes them an even more vital part of fashion. Further enhancements regarding retail are being introduced by social media sites which will also help influencers. When a brand acknowledges the power influencers hold, they can innovate to stay relevant in times ahead. They can opt to create a space where both the physical and digital world can connect and benefit shopper experience.

When it comes to fashion related posts on social media, people like to share their experiences online. Either good or bad. The better the clothing piece, the more positive reviews a brand is likely to get. Influencers, whether they are paid or not, are considered trendsetters in this realm. Their word carries extra weight and people tend to sit up and notice it. They are trusted by their viewership and so their suggestions are well-received and acted upon. It is the fashion brand’s responsibility to anticipate the buzz created by a post like that. They can take advantage of the moment and capture the attention of potential consumers right then. Analyzing and amplifying the hype makes sure that more people view and talk about their clothes or accessories.

From popular names of social media to fashion bloggers, the power of convincing held by them cannot be denied. In the old days, fashion magazines were the controlling source behind getting certain looks in trend. Whereas now a single endorsement post from an influencer can lead to clicks, conversion, and sale. Nothing can be more beneficial for brands. Burberry recently admitted that they hired David Beckham’s son as the face of their campaign. Reason? His impressive number of six million followers on Instagram.

TikTok: an emerging platform for fashion influencers

The video-sharing app TikTok is still a relatively young platform. This means that it presents a challenge to fashion houses as they have yet to discover what succeeds there. As a highly engaging platform, the app usually has several challenges going on for users to participate. This encourages interaction between consumers and businesses on a personal level.

High-street brands like Asos, Boohoo, and Pretty Little Thing already have excellent influencer marketing strategies going on. And now they are rapidly building a TikTok following. They choose those influencers to collaborate with who have followers with budgets reflecting their product prices. And they also fit in with the Gen-Z users demographics. Which allows brands to stay relevant and a hot topic on social media. For instance, an influencer sporting Bespoke Patches on their denim jacket would become a fiery trend in no time.

Influencer revolutionize the fashion scene

It is not just high-end fashion brands that can benefit from influencers. They also help local, small-scale labels attain a presence in the industry. The consumers now get to expand their vision and show there are more things to try out there. Getting fashion inspiration is much easier now for the public. People with all kinds of styles and the budget amount can reach out to influencer accounts who match them.

The biggest contribution of influencers to the industry is they have made fashion approachable for everyone. They have brought to an individual and personal level which consumers find better to identify with. Back then fashion designers and brands like celebrity jacket were the only ones who could define trends. Which were then adapted by the commercial industry. How it functions now can be considered an exchange. Influencers have a growing effect on fashion and are themselves influenced by the community in return.

Even high-end fashion has become more inclusive with influencers on the job. What was previously reputed as an arrogant and aloof industry has now become quite accessible. Fashion is becoming a way to experiment with looks and enjoy yourself without being exclusive. Influencers allow people to get up close and personal with products without having to buy themselves. Once people are surer of different factors like quality and appearance, they are likely to purchase instantly. In turn, fashion spreads and becomes a central part of our daily lives. Thanks to fashion influencers, we can now make well-informed buying decisions for any occasion. 


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