How Much Does Buttock Augmentation Cost in Mumbai?

You might be wondering how much does buttock augmentation cost in Mumbai. It is the safest and most natural way to enhance your buttocks. In fact, it is far safer than doing buttock exercises. A plastic surgeon uses an implanted metal piece, instead of using a foreign body. The procedure will last for several months, depending on how much work is required on your part. Buttock augmentation cost in Mumbai can range from $3,000 to $10,000.

Procedures for buttock augmentation

While the procedure itself may seem simple, it involves a surgical procedure and can have several potential complications. Before undergoing this procedure, patients should discuss the options with their doctor and fill out consent forms. The surgeon will determine the size of the implant based on the patient’s goals and the characteristics of their body. The procedure can be extremely stressful for some patients, so they should consider all the possible outcomes and risks before undergoing the surgery.

Before choosing a plastic surgeon Buttock augmentation in Mumbai, ensure that he or she is board-certified and has experience performing buttock augmentation. He or she should be able to answer all of your questions, as well as be easy to communicate with. Additionally, he or she should be willing to take time to answer all of your questions and offer you aftercare. Finally, a qualified plastic surgeon should be easy to communicate with and provide thorough aftercare.

Recovery time after buttock augmentation

The recovery time after buttock augmentation depends on the technique used. Some surgeons perform buttock implants, which require a recovery time of six weeks. Following the surgery, the patient must refrain from sitting or standing for two weeks. After this period, the muscle fascia will have to heal. This recovery period can be shortened by avoiding certain types of activity during this time. This procedure is not suitable for those with heart problems or diabetes.

After buttock augmentation surgery, the buttocks will look swollen and exaggerated. However, with the passage of time, the shape will become more natural. The tummy will also begin to look firmer and toned. It takes six to eight weeks for a buttock augmentation to take effect. In the meantime, patients should refrain from intense physical activity, such as running or cycling.

Risks of buttock augmentation

Buttock augmentation is a common cosmetic surgery in Mumbai. This procedure produces natural-looking results and is extremely safe. Patients should discuss any questions they have with their plastic surgeon before the procedure. After surgery, patients should take no additional precautions. However, changes in weight may affect the results. Patients should maintain a stable weight to preserve the outcome. During the initial consultation, the plastic surgeon will explain the risks of the procedure.

Buttock augmentation cost in Mumbai After surgery, the buttocks will appear swollen and slightly asymmetrical. Fat re-absorption is possible. In rare cases, the implants may rupture. In rare instances, the procedure can cause excessive bleeding or infection. However, with the experience and expertise of the surgeons in Mumbai, the risks are minimal. Moreover, the risks of the procedure include the occurrence of complication due to infection or adverse reaction to the anesthesia.

Candidate for buttock augmentation

While not everyone is a candidate for buttock augmentation, there are certain conditions that make a person an excellent candidate. Patients must have adequate donor fat, or enough of it, to fill their buttocks. The procedure takes about two to three hours, and the amount of recovery time depends on the individual’s body and surgical technique. In addition to ensuring safety, patients should also be careful not to smoke or drink alcohol following surgery.

Fat grafting is another option for buttock augmentation in Mumbai. This procedure is safe and has zero risk of rejection. It involves liposuction of excess body fat to create a donor area. The result is a youthful-looking buttock. A super-specialty female plastic surgeon is included in the procedure at no additional cost. This procedure is a permanent solution for patients who are unhappy with the size of their buttocks.

Pre-operative investigations

To understand the costs of buttock augmentation, one must understand the procedure. The surgical procedure requires fat injection in a pre-defined area of the buttock. Most fat is injected into the gluteus muscle while a small portion is injected into the subcutaneous tissue. The last sixty cc of fat is mixed with PRP and dispersed equally throughout the target zone. Because the fat is enriched with PRP, its effect is evenly distributed.


After the surgeon has decided to proceed, he will conduct pre-operative investigations and discuss the potential risks of the procedure with the patient. If the donor area is not suitable, he may use fat from another part of the body. The donor site may be in the thigh, back, or abdomen. A gentle liposuction technique is used to extract fat cells from these areas and insert them through small incisions into the Buttock. The surgeon will then shape the edges of the implant.


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