How Much Do Gamers Get Paid?

Esports is a relatively new but profitable industry where many games want to work. You may not know, but professional gamers get a high salary while playing. Yet, it is important to note that you need to be good at cybersport games to earn much. A usual gamer does not get any money but needs to invest in the game. To make it profitable, you need to be a real professional.

Professional gamers have played for several years. They spend almost all their time at the computer. They have incredible logic, attention, and game skills. They follow all the esport news and regularly take part in competitions. The winners of esport competitions get fantastic prizes which are part of their salary. Many great gamers also become video bloggers. They play games online, show their skills, and earn money from fans.

But you need to note that it is very difficult to reach their level. Even if you practice for the whole day for several years, you may not do it. It is a job for those who have a real talent and calling for it. But if you are a fan of cybersport games, you can try. If you see that you have a talent, you should start practicing. You may be the one who will appear in the last esport news.

It is also important to find the popular game that you like most. It will only be profitable if many people would like to watch the competitions. Yet, choosing a game you already have practice in is better. You should develop your skills further and play in teams to become better. Try watching international esport news and competitions. For example, you can see them on an esport news website like In cybersport news, you can find the champions in your game type and watch how they play. You will find a lot of useful tips for playing in such videos.

So, how much do professional games usually get? The salary depends on the activity they are involved in: 

  1. General wage – 15,000$ per hour
  2. Competitions prizes – from 7 to 47 million dollars
  3. Video blogging – from 33 to 100 million dollars

The more activities a gamer does, the more they get. But they need to spend almost all their days playing.

To start training in cybersport gaming, you should know which game to learn. Here is a list of the most popular directions today:

  1. Dota 2 – there are two teams of five players each. They need to destroy the enemy base
  2. Counter-Strike – it is a game where the player needs to shoot the enemies with different weapons
  3. Fortnite – a shooting game where the gamer needs to survive in difficult conditions being in the form of a character
  4. League of Legends – the two teams battle each other and aim to destroy the enemy base
  5. Overwatch – it is a shooting game where one team battles the other tea 

Choose the game that you like most, and start practicing.