How is the security of any premises managed?

The safety of the building and the company’s personnel should be a primary consideration for anybody managing a firm. One of the most crucial choices you’ll have to make will rely on the demands or difficulties your business is facing.Choosing between armed guards with more sophisticated abilities who might assist prevent an escalating situation from happening and unarmed guards who are trained in mediation strategies may be necessary. Statistics indicate that having security guards or security officers at your place of business not only prevents crime from occuring, but also gives you a sense of security knowing that more people are watching your valuables.

If you’re deciding between unarmed vs. armed security guards and what kind of security is best for you, keep reading as we clarify what to consider.

Comparing armed versus unarmed security

The primary difference between an armed and unarmed security guard is that the latter does not own a weapon.

Other popular weapons can be available, such as non-lethal batons or pepper spray. You could occasionally witness armed security with a taser.

Contract security is typically found in areas with lower threat activity.

Among the most typical are:

  • commercial structures
  • residential structures
  • Hotels
  • retail businesses
  • locations of construction
  • Including schools.

Armed guards will carry a gun with them and undergo extensive training to meet the rigors of the position. Where crime is more likely to occur, there will be armed protection.

Some locations are:

  • Banks\sHospitals\sAirports
  • Governmental structures
  • Courthouses, museums, and more.

Unarmed security: What Is It?

An unarmed security professional is in charge of keeping your facility, staff, and assets secure while keeping a close check on them because they are unable to carry a weapon.

Unarmed security does not deploy high-impact weapons, although you may see some carrying batons or pepper spray in case they need to use them in some unavoidable circumstances.

Where crime rates are lower or less severe, the usage of an unarmed security guard service is necessary. They’re a wise decision for many business owners.

They can project a sense of more authority with a professional appearance, which is sufficient to deter some actions like theft or vandalism.

Typically, their purpose is to both reassure workers that they are being monitored and to put them at rest.

The presence of weapons may exacerbate situations considerably more than they otherwise would have needed to, which is not necessarily a good thing.

The majority of firms will have these kind of guards in their facilities since they are the most effective at maintaining control of situations while remaining cool under pressure.

How Does Armed Security Work?

Security officers trained to use a firearm responsibly are known as armed security guards.

They offer a bit more direct protection in that you see these guards in more hazardous circumstances.To guard they buy arms like Surplus 30 carbine ammo. These guards are prepared to use force if the need arises since they have received the necessary training.  

Businesses like banks, watch or jewelry stores, or those that handle money need more protection than other businesses since they have assets with significant monetary worth.

Due to the dangers connected with the aforementioned assets, crime is more likely to be attracted there if there is a feeling of vulnerability.

The answer is a resounding yes if you’re unsure if you can hire armed protection or not.

Security by itself serves as a deterrent against criminals and dangers, but an armed threat is arguably the largest of them all. Criminals typically hesitate before putting their lives at danger when the results may result in their death.

What types of threats are there for your company?

You should seriously consider hiring armed security guards if your company falls into one of the aforementioned higher-risk groups or if you are more likely than the average to be targeted by thieves.

Guards with guns

Consider hiring an armed guard if your company:

  • has valuable items, such as jewels or artwork
  • manages a substantial sum of cash
  • hosts major gatherings, such as fights or athletic events, where audiences have a history of being unruly
  • is located in an area with a high crime rate.

Your company accommodates a lot of people, such hotels, apartment buildings, or nursing homes.

Employees of companies with security tend to perform at a higher level since they know their lives aren’t in continual danger and that they will be protected by a professional if an issue worsens.

Armless Guards

Choose an unarmed guard if you believe there is a low risk to your company but would still like protection to be there.

Some companies are confused of the best course of action since they are worried about damage or threats at their location. Our security professionals strongly suggest an unarmed guard in these circumstances to deal with the problems.

These three, when combined with CCTV surveillance and an appropriate access control system, may be quite successful in maintaining high security and almost eliminating crime.

Costs of Armed Security vs. Unarmed Security

Due to the fact that each type of security guard will serve a distinct purpose, their respective costs will vary.

An armed guard will cost extra to recruit because of the training requirements and work duties.

The security guard typically assumes life-threatening responsibilities as part of their employment, and they are compensated extra for the safety they offer. Another significant element in the variation in pricing is liability insurance.

The work duties that are most frequently performed by unarmed guards include surveillance monitoring, patrolling the building and its surroundings, helping clients or customers at the concierge desk, limiting door access to restricted sections of the building, and other similar job positions.

In the event that your company needs a guard to do these duties at your facility, this will be the more economical course of action.

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