How hospitals are kept clean and safe?

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It is common knowledge for most that when you are sick, you are more vulnerable to infections or other illnesses. Your body is already fighting one disease, making it easy for another to wreak havoc. Therefore, it is important to seek professional help from your doctor or the hospital if you feel as though your body needs help battling whatever is affecting you. 

But as you might be aware that you are extra vulnerable, you would not want to go somewhere you might get exposed to another serious illness. And a hospital could be an obvious place for such illnesses to be. But there is no reason to stay home rather than seek help – the health sector takes every precaution to ensure you will not be at risk while seeking help.

The indoor air quality is being monitored

Many viruses and bacteria are airborne, meaning just being in the same room with someone else might cause an infection. You might have experienced this by visiting someone with the common cold or the flu. 

Thankfully, a medical air purifier limits the chances of getting sick from inhaling the same air as someone with a cold. These air purifiers are designed to live up to the very high standards of hospitals. And they are able to remove 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and other small harmful particles from the air, so you can feel safe breathing the air at the emergency room, for example.

Effective hand sanitizer is available for both staff, patients, and visitors

Another way to get sick is by touching something another sick person has touched. You might not even realize how many areas you touch throughout the day. Even the door handle or the sink might have harmful bacteria on them. However, as there are hand sanitizers available in several places throughout the hospital, you can make sure you do not bring any bacteria too close to your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Compromised equipment is exposed of

Anything from used needles to gloves and even hospital gowns is safely disposed of after use or sent to a special cleaner. You might feel worried lying down in a bed with bed sheets you know have been used before. But rest assured – they have been cleaned in a very special way so that all bacteria are completely eliminated. The same goes for the hospital clothes worn by doctors and patients. 

Anything that can not be safely cleaned, such as needles, gloves, wipes, and similar articles, is disposed of safely. Therefore, you will never have to worry about a needle having already been in someone else’s arm – they will always be new and completely sterile. 

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