How Effective Is Your Online Reputation Management In Australia?

With all the benefits that the online world can bring, it can also take them away just as rapidly. If your company has experienced bad reviews, negative online publicity or been trolled then you will know first-hand just how damaging the fall-out can be. Your brand is key and maintaining a good reputation is paramount to success. This applies to the bricks and mortar world as well as the online equivalent. If you find yourself in the middle of unwanted attention, you will require online reputation management in Australia from a digital agency in Australia to resolve the issue.

When you shop for a product or service, how many times have you searched for reviews on other peoples’ experiences with the company you are considering? Your potential customers will be doing exactly the same, and, if they discover something unpleasant, it is very likely they will not purchase from you and take their money elsewhere. If you are aware of negative online reviews concerning your company, they will be seen and it’s in your best interests to take action straight away.

Keep an eye on your credibility
Do you have a clear and current picture of your online reputation right now, or are you in the dark? Have you undertaken any research to see what’s being said about your brand, products or services? If you aren’t sure how to do this, or simply don’t have time, it is well worth contacting a digital agency with the expertise to do this for you. They will know where and how to search and provide you with a full report on their findings. If action is required, an individually tailored action plan will be developed on how to improve your brand profile and online reputation. An agency should be able to offer ongoing monitoring services, to keep a careful eye on your credibility. This can be automated and operates 24 hours a day, ensuring that nothing is missed. If you operate internationally, the monitoring will be extended globally to ensure that your business image is consistently upheld.

By keeping a finger on the pulse of the opinions regarding your business, a log can be built up that contains valuable information on your digital profile. Campaigns can be tracked and the opinions expressed on social media and review sites will be monitored for updates. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can also be reversed to profile positive information and drive down the negative.

Don’t find yourself in a downpour
If you find yourself in the middle of an online downpour of negativity it can be hard to know where to go for rapid assistance. Finding a reputable digital agency in Australia that has proven success in online reputation management in Australia is critical. Working with a partner that you can trust is vital, particularly at this key time. Once the immediate issue is dealt with, focus on rebuilding a solid and lasting reputation by generating first-rate content on a consistent basis. This will enable negative posts to be outranked by appropriately targeted subject matter that contains key words to your business. Consistent posting of such content is key to the ongoing successful maintenance of your online reputation.

With 85% of users believing online reviews and testimonials it’s heavy hitting stuff if they come across negative feedback on staff, services or products that you offer. The consequences of leaving this information in the public domain can be incredibly damaging for a long time and possibly even gain force, snowballing in to something much more difficult to manage. Proactively getting on top of things is the way to go. Don’t look the other way and hope that it will just disappear. It’s imperative to use all the digital channels at your disposal, and possibly some that you haven’t really considered yet, to build a healthy online reputation. And once you have the ball rolling, part of that plan should be how to maintain these channels with ongoing positive updates.

Make time for maintenance
Online reputation is, of course, part of a broader conversation your business needs to have regarding its digital image. What do you want your reputation to be? And does it match the one you have in the offline world? If you haven’t already had this type of dialogue, now is the time to begin. If you can be clear on the type of position you want to adopt in the marketplace, then you can map out clear steps on how to achieve it. Partnering with an experienced full service digital agency in Australia that has a track record in online reputation management in Australia is a key part of the strategy. They will have the knowledge and expertise required to manage any negative publicity online and work to reestablish your brand back to where it should be.