How Does PRP Help Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

While over-the-counter lotions and serums claim to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, your body already possesses something that works better. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) for the face is one of the most effective treatments for these early indications of aging. With PRP treatments, we may tap into the strength of your body’s natural anti-aging resistance.

How Does PRP for Fine Lines and Wrinkles Work?

PRP is fantastic for hair regrowth, but it is also great for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. How? With the help of Platelets, when you have minor skin injuries, Platelets unite to stop bleeding and release growth factors that signal tissue repair, including increased collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. Collagen provides support for new skin, while hyaluronic acid nourishes and moisturizes. Growth factors drive skin cells to divide, resulting in new, fresher, and healing skin. These growth factors also help to enhance circulation and get rid of dead skin cells.

The plasma treatment for the face begins with a blood draw, which is then processed in a centrifuge to separate platelets from red and white blood cells. Plasma includes a larger concentration of tissue-rejuvenating platelets at this stage. PRP is then injected into wrinkles and fine lines. This is not a make-up application used to mask minor flaws on the skin. The platelets’ mending process rejuvenates the skin, forming new skin to replace wrinkled dry skin that was damaged by time, the sun, and other factors.

Am I a suitable candidate for Platelet Rich Plasma for Face?

Do you worry about wrinkles and fine lines? Would you like to have better skin texture, tone, and color with little downtime? PRP treatments could be the answer for you. PRP treatments can help patients with dark circles or under-eye puffiness, fine lines around the lips, cheeks, and eyes, or a skeletal appearance due to severe weight loss or volume reduction in the cheekbones or temples. Also, PRP for fine lines can help you keep your present collagen structure and hyaluronic acid levels if you do not have any of these yet but wish to avoid them. Since PRP is made from the patient’s own blood, the risks are quite minimal, making it a therapy that most individuals handle well.

Is PRP for Wrinkles Safe?

Although many researchers find this therapy new, this procedure appears to be safe. Following the procedure, you may have some discomfort, bruising, and swelling. These usually disappear within a few days. We utilize the same procedure as transfusion facilities do to ensure that your own blood is pumped back into you for your safety. You might become really ill if you accidentally receive someone else’s blood, but be sure that you are in safe hands with us.

How many PRP injections are you going to require?

Researchers suggest that in order to get the maximum results. Patients need to have a minimum of 3 or more sessions of PRP for fine lines and wrinkles. That means you would have to see your dermatologist three times. Or more to have blood extracted, processed, and injected back into you. Some dermatologists use PRP with a filler to provide their patients with faster results. This allows the patient to notice benefits right away.