How Do You Get Your Money After You Sell Your Structured Settlement?

If you suffer a significant injury that will require long-term care, a structured settlement may be an ideal option. However, life issues that need more money may arise. When that happens, the structured payment might not be suitable for you. Hence, you will search for a structural settlement buyer and sell. But selling will take time, as it involves going to court. After selling, the buyer company gives you money in exchange for your future payments.

Here’s how to get your money after you have a structured settlement in place.

1. Evaluate your needs 

Before selling:

  • Start by evaluating the amount of money you need to cater to your needs. That will help you answer the question, “why sell my structured settlement?”
  • Assess how much your structured settlement would cost. Remember, the money will be lower than your periodic payments as the company will want to make a profit, and there would be a cost while selling.
  • Calculate the amount of money you’ll sacrifice and look for reputable companies. Also, consider selling parts of your structured settlement instead of your entire portion.

2. Get quotes 

Contact a structured settlement buyer and inquire about a quote. A quote will inform you how much the company is willing to pay. Get various quotes from different companies. Also, ensure that the offers include all fees you’ll pay. For example check out We Pay More Funding for quotes for your structured settlement.

3. Process your options

Before agreeing to sell, read all the fine print and the terms thoroughly. Ask the buyer all questions for better clarity. Do a background check about your company to ensure it’s legit and reputable.

High quality and a trustworthy firms will make you competitive offers and have familiarity with your state laws and transparent disclosure of rates and fees are also key.

4. Select your factoring company 

You’ll be required to sign paperwork to agree to sell your structured settlement officially. The documents include

  • Forms of identification.
  • A completed application
  • Copy of your annuity policy
  • Copy of the original structured document and release agreement

5. Request an Advance 

You can request a cash advance at this stage if you need money. The payment holds you over before the process is complete, as it takes up to a few months to receive the lump sum payment.

6. Appear before a judge 

The purpose of appearing before a judge is to get court approval. The factoring company facilitates the process for you to appear before a judge. You’ll be required to prove to the judge that the transaction is in your best interest.

If the court approves, you’ll send a copy of the order to the administrator of your structured settlement.

7. Get your money.

You’ll receive your full payment per the signed agreement with the structured settlement buyer. The payment will typically occur within three to five business days after the court order.


Selling a structured settlement is a fair decision when you require more money than your periodic payments. But selling a structured settlement is not easy, and it’s not always advisable. These are a few of the recommended steps in the process.


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