How Do I Check If A Company Is Registered In The UK?

The world is more linked and opens up a whole network of services and goods than ever before. Where do you verify that any firm that offers you to do business is the real deal?

Step one: check the basics

If a business is legitimate, there will be evidence that you can verify. Look at the basic specifics to make sure all the obvious evidence adds up. While you are not given a definitive response to any of these controls, they will help lift your doubts and keep you on guard. Some of the simplest and easiest checking methods include the following: address details-if the company is locally located, drive around and confirm that a sign or an indication of its presence is given in an office or building. In city centers, business parks, or shared office space, most companies are situated. You can do a Company name check here.

If a corporation or organization works from home, it’s not unusual but you can only expect to work with one or three people’s groups or small businesses. The most dangerous corporations quickly outstrip the domestic climate.

Phone number – you want to see a phone number here. If a company has a mobile number only, this is not a red flag, but it definitely does mean that you will have your guard up. Call the phone, consult with an employee or the business owner and ask some standard questions. At the beginning of the call, you are looking for a polite greeting with the company name and a knowledgeable and friendly attitude. In general, all genuine businesses are glad to receive sales inquiries and even help you to verify all information by phone.

Website and presence in social media – does the company have a good web presence? Most businesses will be present on a website and on certain social media platforms these days. When you have anyone out of the city, your website can be a key signal. Confirm that your contact works with a quick look at LinkedIn inside the company. Because the business doesn’t appear on the internet, it can not help direct the investigations.

Check their ISO certification — Most organizations must display the logo of an ISO certifying body. This is then a case of the certification body being checked and contacted to verify. You can search the certification bodies by visiting the UKAS website that the government appoints to supervise certification bodies in the UK. Type your certificate number here to verify if a company is accredited with us.

Step two: reviews and feedback

Many businesses that have a web presence receive input from both positive and poor customers. Google reviews, Facebook reviews and other web-based testimonials can help you get an instant view of the business you are looking at.

A strong business will also have some operation on its website. This can be suspicious if all the blogs were written in a single week a few years ago. Nevertheless, running a Google search for the name of the company is one of the very best web checks when other companies or websites discuss a specific business.

Neither depend solely on the digital world. Go there and ask people you meet in your networking community or colleagues who may work in a similar industry. The most effective way to test is to talk to a trusted partner, who can advise you on the local level.

Step three: official check

When you still doubt the credibility of an organization, it is time to start making a few more effective tests. The legislation allows businesses to register with other entities and credit organizations. Take into Consideration: Companies House – when dealing with a limited company, a huge amount of information on Companies House should be listed in order to see the names of the executive directors and the accounts. You may also look at the profiles of individual executives and see former companies and businesses they own.

The Financial Services Record – if a company offers financial services or related products, you can search them on this website quickly. If they do not appear in this website, the Financial Conduct Authority obviously does not control them and we recommend that you do not work with this business. 

Experienced business credit reports-if you are unsure of a company’s solvency or would like to know whether they have money or credibility to cover your fee, then a credit check may be valuable. Experience is among the most common tools and they give you 30 days free to test these broad contracts and agreements in order to ensure that you don’t get into problems.

Step four: trust your judgment

If you are suspicious of a product, it is always best to be on the side of caution. One of the maxims many entrepreneurs have to begin with is: “If it sounds too good to be true, it is generally.” Goods at incredibly low cost, inexpensive facilities and golden opportunities never come without strings attached and alarm bells.

Basically, before entering into a commercial arrangement with someone, you should feel 100% confident. If you depend on the wrong people to provide a service on your behalf, a number of consequences can harm your credibility and reputation.If you’d like to check if a company is certified with us, you can do so by inputting their certificate number here.