How do basketball players support ankles?

While talking about sports that require amazing physical attributes, we cannot forget the name of basketball. Basketball requires jumps, quick lateral movements, and great impacts. But with these types of motions, you can experience pressure on the ankles and joints. These injuries can cause some serious damage which is why many athletes urge to support their ankles from preventing sprains and fractures. Many people ask me how basketball players support their ankles. Mostly I answer, there are many ways, and you just need to pick the one that suits you.

The necessity of supporting the ankle:

The sports like basketball can cause injuries to your ankles. There is a particular threat in the games that require jumping, landing, sudden movements, and fast lateral movements. If you suggest the experts they will tell you that basketball is going to give you ankle injuries if not taken precautions on time. One of the most common ankle injuries due to basketball is a sprain and it is caused by the twisting and improper stretch of the ankle’s ligaments.

Many professional basketball players prefer wearing ankle braces and the best shoes for ankle support for preventing the joints ligaments from overstressing. These devices help the players to get more rigid support and make the wearer mindful of their ankle position. Apart from these, there are other ways as well.

How Do Basketball Players Support Ankles?

Below we have explained different types of least two most supportive devices to prevent ankle injuries. These are the perfect set of advice and you can choose the most suitable for yourself.

  • Ankle sleeves and braces:

If you don’t know about the ankle sleeves then let us tell you they are similar to the compression socks, But that toes are exposed. They are flexible and thin which is why they are suitable for athletes who do not prefer athletic tape or heavy braces. These ankle sleeves and braces are going to be a perfect solution for such players.

These are the least supportive devices. But they are very lightweight and made up of moisture-wicking fabric which is why you will find them breathable. They are easy to wear through the pull on and off method. These sleeves and braces promote circulation that is ideal for recovery.

  • Tape:

For flexibility and excellent support, there are two types of tapes available, Kinesio or KT tape and athletic tapes. Kinesio provides more flexibility, whereas the athletic tape is more rigid and it helps in providing the support by restricting the movement. The experts suggest athletic tape not for the prevention of the injury but for the post-injury to avoid any irritation and for promoting healing.

The KT tape is not going to impair the motion and is stretchy. It is going to be an excellent addition for preventing any kind of instability or injury, especially if you are newly back to the game or have recently come up from any injury. The strips are very stretchy and waterproof which is why you can wear them for almost 5 days and they want to restrict your circulation. The states are suitable for people who like lights sport with some bulkiness.

  • Basketball shoes:

If you are looking for the right and accurate support then finding the right shoes is the key. You can find a lot of shoes for ankle support in the market. The right shoes are going to provide you with support and security in many ways.

If you are a shoe lover and a professional basketball player then you know that you need shoes that have higher sides around the ankle and the heel. For better joint rigidity, you need a high ankle cuff. If accompanied with a broader heel and lockdown from the upper with the help of laces, you are going to get more stability than ever. If you are going for a wide heel then you will get a lockdown with the large base and this helps the player to move and jump freely and with less foot movement.

Supportive shoes for basketball are the essentials for regular players. Many players choose their right shoes solely and others support their shoes with the addition of an ankle brace. If you love shopping online, are a basketball lover, and are a professional player then has reviewed a variety of shoes and guides that can help you in choosing the right pair.

You might need some time and trial to choose the best support for your ankles. Ankle braces, sleeves, and shoes need time to make you comfortable but once they get adjusted to your ankle you will love the support and comfort-ability.

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