How can I use an overseas HTTP proxy to change the IP address of an overseas survey to a foreign country?

How do I use an overseas HTTP proxy to change the IP address to the destination region(改ip地址)? With the promotion of the Internet wave and the advent of the era of big data, overseas business is very hot now. In recent years, there are also many emerging overseas businesses, one of which is overseas questionnaire survey. However, many practitioners find that they do not give rewards for answering the questions in the process of work, or they cannot directly open the questionnaire link, which is actually because the network environment is not well handled. So here I will answer how to change the IP address (如何更改自己的ip)of overseas survey to foreign countries through overseas HTTP proxy to cooperate with business.

1. What is overseas questionnaire survey?

Different from many free questionnaires in China, in order to better improve their own services or products, some overseas institutions or commercial organizations will list some questions for the public to answer, and obtain a large amount of user data and experience information through paid or lottery survey, so as to improve their own policies, services or products, so as to be more suitable for the market. Users can get paid more for answering the questions. So, many enterprises or individuals see a business opportunity.

2. How to change the overseas survey IP address to a foreign country through an overseas HTTP proxy to cooperate with services(如何更改ip地址)?

In questionnaire surveys, the questionnaires are usually filled out through browsers, so here I will take the most common and most-used overseas Google Chrome browser and domestic high-quality overseas HTTP proxy StormProxies as examples, and show you how to change the IP address of overseas questionnaire survey to foreign countries:

Operating system: Win10; Browser: Google Chrome

1. First, download and install Google Chrome.

2. Open the browser, click the three dots in the upper right corner, and click Settings;

3. Find the system Settings;

4. Click “Select Proxy Settings for your calculator”, because Google Chrome does not come with its own proxy Settings, you need to jump to the system’s proxy Settings to set;

5. Select Manually Set Proxy and select Use Proxy Server.

6. Fill in the address and port number of the overseas HTTP proxy obtained, click Save, and restart Google Chrome.

Then, the author used domestic high-quality and overseas HTTP proxys StormProxies to test out their own proxies. They can also have a look at the following tutorials:

1. Open and log in to StormProxies Proxies website

2. Get the experience package

In accordance with the website guide process to receive trial, or directly certified after opening package.

3. Add the account secrets

After the authentication is passed, you can add the account secret according to your own situation;

4. Open the API integration and get the link or address and port number

After completion, open the API integration interface, select the country or region you need, click the integration API, and use the API link obtained after opening.