How can I make my YouTube video popular?

YouTube comes second on the list of the biggest search engines on a global level. A channel that is widely used for entertainment, promoting products and ideas, and educating audiences. YouTube has about twenty-two billion visits every month. The average duration of a session falls under forty minutes. These figures prove that it is basically the most popular visual platforms on the internet.

Marketing, creating content and increasing your views on YouTube for free will all take time and hard work. But doing it the right way will lead you to rich rewards. You will certainly gain more views, improved user experience, and opportunities for expanding content and audience. But what are the ways to generate these views and have more people watch your content? WE have some tips right here to help you with that.

  1. Use titles rich with description and keywords

For this you will need to polish up your keyword research. Having an interesting and descriptive title will lead to two things. First, it will have the right keywords to be relevant with the YouTube algorithm. Second, it will be appealing for the users and inform them about your video.

  1. Have descriptions with keywords

You can inform your users about your content even better in the description for your video. And optimize it for search engines as well. This increases click-through-rate which in turn generates views. The main thing to remember is to be unique while remaining generic. You should aim for capturing interest while attempting to go for short-tailed keywords.

  1. Using tags

Video tags assist further in distinguishing what your video content is about. Through them, the algorithm will also know better about what users can expect from your video. Along with title and description, tags should reflect the essence of the content as well.

  1. Optimizing thumbnail image

A thumbnail image can do wonders for improving your views organically. It should stand out whether it appears on a results page, social media platforms or suggested videos line-up. High quality images with readable features, engaging fonts and face-close-ups relevant to your content. Thumbnails should be visually correspondent to the title and description of your video.

  1. Creating transcripts

Transcripts or captions of videos have the ability to upgrade your ranking on YouTube. Although their usefulness has been under debate, they do help disabled and international audiences immensely. A good ranking can get you a larger viewership and show you a sustainable way to generate viewer traffic. Buying views can temporarily boost your YouTube career but it is not beneficial on a long-term basis.

  1. Make content that entertain, educate, or both

Your content should bring value to the viewers. Whether it is in the form of teaching how to understand or do something or keep them entertained. When they find your videos to have some valuable asset in it, they will automatically return to your channel. This will help build a solid and loyal viewership from scratch.

  1. Viral trends

Use currently viral trends to bring forward the content you make. That is a market that is already being watched and relished by a huge audience. Therefore, you can tap into it as well and direct their attention to your videos.

It is not always easy to do that so you will need to think creatively. The nature of your channel might be completely different to be able to fit in with it. But you can find some clever method then you can engage the audiences of that ongoing trend.

  1. Guest YouTubers

Guest YouTubers do the same for YouTube as guest posting does for blogs. Influencers, celebrities, or any other YouTuber with a big following can all increase your viewership. And the best thing about it is that the bond works both ways. You can offer their website or video link in description and form a lasting business relationship with your guest.

  1. Imitate the best examples in your niche

The suggested videos section on YouTube can be goldmine to for adding views if you know how to use it. Once a video is completed the suggested videos will show in the sidebar. They can help you optimize videos to be relevant according to other popular content on YouTube. This is a very quick way to drive people to your channel and content.

Similar descriptions and keywords can be targeted to create content that is in sync with the rest. You can make it more engaging or informative while keeping the same topic. As you already know people are preferring to watch that particular type of content it can succeed instantly.

  1. Using cards

These optimization features are great for promoting other content in your videos. Cards can be used in several ways. You can increase subscribers to your channel. Promote other videos you have created. Donate to an organization or cause. Encourage audiences to participate in polls or generate traffic for your website.

  1. Promotions and Giveaways

Who doesn’t love a giveaway of products they like? Posting about social media raffles, giveaways, or promotions will be attractive enough to grab attention. You can tell your followers the details and then add a link in description to direct them to it. People will appreciate being informed and having an easy access to the giveaways.

Final Words

The one thing you must keep in mind while following all these tips is to be patient. Boosting views overnight is near impossible and even it does happen it won’t be sustainable. Its only over time that you can build a viewership. It is largely dependent on the quality of content you produce.

You must engage with your audience in a meaningful manner and maintain relatability. And be constant in content creation to assure them the time they are investing is not wasted. For more quality content on social media marketing or any other subject contact our affordable reliable essay writing company. We have the best writers on hand to provide with academic material guaranteed to obtain top grades.   


Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.