How can an electric trike help a disabled person?

Electric tricycles are becoming the choice of various people in the world. Due to this, the electric tricycle market is expected to increase significantly between 2022 and 2030, at a CAGR of 15.4%. An electric 3-wheel bicycle is not only the best for adults or children but also disabled people.

The invention of the electric tricycle in the past century has revolutionized the way that many people use it. Due to their features, electric tricycles are now a suitable transportation choice for many disabled people. This blog sheds light on why electric tricycles are the best method for disabled people and how they can benefit them.

If you didn’t know what an electric tricycle is, the next section is created to help those who do not know anything about the electric 3-wheel bicycle.

What is an electric trike?

The electric hybrid tricycle is an electrically powered vehicle with zero carbon emissions that can be used for commercial transportation. The electric trike is a three-wheeler vehicle that looks like an e-bike.  Although a typical e-bike has two tires, an e-trike has three tires. One is placed in the front of the vehicle, and the other two are in the back. The tricycle is powered by an electric brushless direct current motor linked to its rear wheels via a chain and sprocket mechanism. Fat tire electric trike is also a popular mode of transportation for the elderly and those with disabilities.

E-trikes have some features that traditional tricycle does not have. It runs on battery power; this indicates that it is simpler to use than a manual trike. It can be driven with a simple throttle twist or light pedaling. If you want to know its features in detail, the next section will be helpful for you.

Detailed features of electric tricycle

The features of the electric tricycle are entirely different from the traditional tricycles. However, the features of every e-trick are different. But below are the top features of the same-

1.      LED display

The LED display is the most common feature of every e-vehicle. It is beneficial for all riders, even a disabled person, as it shows the distance travel, battery status, average speed, and the pedal-assist mode you selected.

2.     Pedal-assist mode

A disabled person with a leg problem might face difficulty pedaling the e-trike. But e-trike comes with a pedal assist mode that can benefit those people. Pedal assist is a mode on your electric bike that uses motor power to help you pedal more easily and quickly.

3.      Speed

Disabled people face difficulty in traveling too fast. But an electric tricycle can be helpful in this situation as an e-trike, unlike a traditional tricycle, can commute at speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour.

Although these features benefit every disabled person, if you want to know more benefits of electric tricycle for disabled adults, the following section would be helpful to you.

Benefits of electric tricycle for the disabled person

Electric trikes are an excellent idea for people with disabilities. There are some for the disabled with built-in motors that can help the disabled person go faster. Some come with wheels that go independently. If you still think that an electric trike is not the best for a person with a disability, below are benefits that will help you to clear confusion about it-

1.     Complete daily task

Disabled people face difficulty completing their daily tasks, but electric tricycle for disabled adults come with intelligent features that can benefit everyone. It is intended for everyone’s enjoyment and provides us with an opportunity to be productive every day, like going to the market for groceries.

2.     Make them independent

A disabled person also depends on others, but e-trike can help them live independently. Moreover, living independently can help a disabled person to become more confident.

3.      Fulfill their dreams

Disabled people also have some dreams, like going for a dream job or studying in a regular college and more, which they cannot fulfill due to illness. E-trike equipment helps people with special needs achieve their goals by giving them the means to do so.


Many people can use motorized wheelchairs for moving about, but for many people, those wheelchairs are just too heavy and too bulky. An electric tricycle for adults with disabilities is a perfect option for the mobility impaired as it can give relieving rides to them with its unique features.