How Businesses Can Use Mastodon?

People from all walks of life are quick to make claims that Twitter is about to shut down. And why not? After all, the emerging platform- Mastodon, has already made a lot of noise, and the majority of it is fact-based. Mastodon has become popular among individuals and almost every Twitter profile now has a URL next to its name along with a screenshot of the platform (in most cases). The rise in popularity has left marketers scratching their heads, finding ways to use this for their gains. And then, there is a way they can do that.

Yes, Mastodon has a lot of potential for businesses and there are multiple ways businesses can make benefit from this emerging social platform. Analytodon has always been at your service when you need help. In this blog, we shall dive into Mastodon and find out everything there is to know about it. So, let’s get started:

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is a decentralized social network comprised of several independent servers. These servers are classified around specific themes, topics, or interests. Users are free to join servers, follow accounts, engage with one another and do everything else they do on any other social media platform. It was launched in Mar 2016 but got its share of popularity in late 2022.

Mastodon for businesses:

Mastodon is for all and this includes businesses as well. With Mastodon analytics (unfortunately is not a built-in feature yet) businesses can conquer their industry and become leaders. However, before you start your Mastodon journey, you must note that the platform is committed to being fair and organic and has a big notice on its homepage stating that it would never serve ads or push some profiles above others. Here again, you need the best mastodon analytics to find out how you can make the best out of this new platform.

Here is how businesses can make advantage of the rising interest in Mastodon:

Market Research

If you have had your struggles with searchinghashtags and topics on Twitter and getting a mess of mixed posts, Mastodon is a big relief for you. It operates on servers and each server is a community in itself talking and working on a single topic. All you need to do is find the right server and kick-start your marketing game.

Affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and UGC

Mastodon is an excellent choice for Affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and UGC. You know who is interested in your product through the server’s name. Now find an account that has the maximum followers and pitch yourself. This might be a tedious activity but with reliable Mastodon analytics, it becomes an easy game.


It can be hard to advertise on Mastodon but not impossible. The platform has an anti-advertisement policy which means you won’t get any support. However, independent server ownership allows the administrator of the server to set us their infrastructure for advertisement.

Create a community and reach to your people

You can create your worn server and reach out to people interested in your services/ goods. You will have complete control over who joins your server and how you operate it.

Mastodon has great potential for businesses and Analytodon can help you make the best out of it. We offer Mastodon Analytics services which makes you more capable of taking advantage of this social media platform of the future.