How Businesses Are Adjusting Their Marketing Strategies In 2023

Now that 2022 is drawing to a close, for businesses, this is the time to reflect on the year examining all the pros and cons so they can start to shape their goals and decisions for 2023. For many businesses, this is also crunch time when it comes to finalising their marketing strategies for the new year, and a time to make certain tweaks and adjustments. 

Curious about how businesses will be adjusting their marketing strategies in 2023? Wondering if your business should adopt some of the same measures? Let’s take a closer look.

Giving Website Analytics the Attention It Deserves

While this may not be a huge change from what businesses are doing right now, it’s about emphasising it further. Companies will be paying very close attention to website analytics and using the information they gather to help shape a variety of decisions. A website’s main goal is to lead to conversions, but if analytics aren’t being properly tracked it’s hard to know if the efforts being used are successful.

Some of the specifics that businesses will focus on include how a particular online ad performs – does it lead to conversions and sales? Online content in the form of blogs should also be examined closely. Blogs can offer all kinds of benefits when used correctly. 

Digital Signage Can Be a More Effective Delivery System for Businesses

Signage often plays a prominent role in a marketing and advertising plan for businesses big and small but gone are the days of traditional signs that are often overlooked. Today’s hottest trend is digital signage, which can showcase products, services and messages in more effective and engaging ways. 

Companies such as ONQdigital Signage Solutions are showing businesses how versatile digital signage is. Think of it as a way to stand out from the competition, capture the eye of potential customers and be able to communicate a variety of messages. Digital signage comes to life and can feel like it’s popping off the screen. Passers-by can’t help but take notice.

Another great aspect of digital signage is that it can be used by big or small companies in just about any industry. That’s rare for a marketing technique, as they usually aren’t that universal.

Appeal to Customers in a Different Way – Give Your Brand a Personal Touch

There is plenty of talk about the potential of a global economic slowdown next year. The hopes are that it will be mild and short-lived, but even so, businesses are already planning and looking for ways to stay competitive. One way in which businesses are choosing to stand out and ensure they stay the top choice for customers is to make the brand more personal and humanise it if you will.

If a business can create an identity for itself and be more than just a faceless machine, it can help in building customer loyalty. Some of the marketing techniques that can be used for this tip include using ads that feel personal and tell a story. Draw the customer in, and give them a reason to watch or read the ad. It can’t be all about sales and numbers, as this won’t resonate with customers and can end up turning them away.

So, watch for branding and storytelling to become huge marketing techniques in 2023.

In-Person Events are Having a Comeback

After years of shifting to online events or scrapping them, there is a very obvious shift happening and that is a return to in-person events. Even if a company only holds one or two a year, if they had been helpful in the past there’s a good chance the business will be anxious to return to this practice. It could be as simple as attending trade shows, or more elaborate like hosting a solo event.

Interactive Marketing Opens a Door to Opportunities

Another way that technology is playing a pivotal role is interactive marketing. This gives companies a way to connect with potential customers and helps to build that relationship. It also helps to provide companies with valuable insight.

Some of the interactive marketing techniques can include quizzes, games, polls, calculators and more. The idea is to generate interest and buzz with your interactive marketing efforts. These types of tools are often shared too, which is exactly what you want to see happen.

Don’t Rule Out Podcasting

The final trend or technique to watch for more businesses to embrace in 2023 is podcasting. A podcast provides a way to reach your targeted audience and grow your customer base. You’ll be able to share helpful information, discuss trends, welcome relevant guests and engage with your listeners.

As you can see by this list, there are many ways that businesses will be able to adjust their marketing strategies in 2023, it’s just a matter of which one is right – or which combination of strategies is ideal for the business.