How are product design studios contributing to society?

‘Design’ –  the first thing that comes to your mind after hearing this word might be style or the way things look, but there is more to design than just the visual aspect. The design of anything – from an ice cream cone to a space shuttle – is a very important part of it. Because, it is easy to forget that the design of a certain product may greatly affect the performance of the product. For instance, a poorly-designed car with a powerful engine may actually lose out in performance to a perfectly-designed car with a not-so-powerful engine. Why? Better design leads to better ergonomics and handling. 

Design Studios

All the product companies, no matter what their product, will most certainly have a product design team. If not, they get their designs from design studios dedicated to product designs, which offer services to these companies. These studios analyze, research, and innovate to offer a unique design.

Contribution to Society

These product design studios also immensely contribute to society with their designs. Designing a product is a very complicated process as there are a lot of aspects to sit through. Along with making a product efficient, the visual aspect should also be taken care of, especially while designing a consumer product because no consumer would buy an ugly-looking product no matter how good the functionality is. 

Good designs have always contributed to society in one way or the other. Some minor changes in the product design have affected our day-to-day life. One such example of a great product design is the Sony Walkman, a miniature music player, introduced in the 1980s. This product changed the way we listen to music, nobody at that time had envisioned that humans could listen to music while walking on the street.

Another instance: this time a train called Shinkansen or popularly known as the Bullet Train. It was introduced by Japan in 1964, the design of this train allowed it to move twice as fast as any other train at that moment. This proved to be life-changing for the Japanese as this reduced their travel time by almost half and thus increasing their productivity. Skip to today, bullet trains are one of the fastest means of travel in the world.


Our world is ever-evolving, inventions and discoveries have changed the world and will continue to do so. But utilizing the things invented or discovered to their full potential and using them without causing any harm to nature and the living beings are what we will achieve by a good and proper design