How are MD8S Subscriptions are Best Economical Options?

We Americans are about shopping online, more than 263 million of the total US population shop online for their comfort. And 15% of 263 million use monthly or yearly base subscriptions for getting more discounts on their total billings. And if do some math on how much an American household spends money on subscriptions, households spent almost $219 on average base on monthly subscriptions. And if we multiply it, we will get a total number of $2,628, if we keep multiplying these numbers by the total population it will keep growing. Subscription models are made to generate more customers and revenues for the companies.

Even if we talk about the CBD industry; most online stores offer different subscription plans, them which are cheap but are not. Because the way most stores offer their subscriptions is ethically wrong. Because they offer minimum discounts which are waste of money.

So, in this blog, I’m going to share a piece of brief information about the subscription model and how the MD8S Subscription is the best economical option!

What is Subscription Model?

According to the Cambridge dictionary “an amount of money that you pay regularly to receive a product or service”

How Subscription Model Works?

In a subscription model, customers are charged on an ordinary foundation for a service or product. They pick out how long and the way often they need to acquire each provider, and most subscriptions provide the option to resume or cancel at any time! For example, we are offering our subscriptions on a yearly base which is Vape subscription box 2022 2023.

What is MD8S?

MD8S stands for My Delta-8 Store subscriptions, which includes various offers and discounts on every product we offer at our online store. this subscription cost only $29.99 which is quite cheap than others.

Why Choose Us?

For the sake of people who love mankind’s greatest discovery delta-8 THC, we are proud to present you ourMD8S subscriptions. Subscribe to our amazing Club MD8S offers 10-70% off retail store pricing. We care a lot about our loyal customers that’s why we are making it as long as possible. Get your all products online at cheap prices with just one click. Subscribe to this and you won’t regret it at all. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Our retail prices are significantly lower than retail store prices, but with your membership, you will receive an additional discount on your order based on your purchase total along with some amazing rewards on every purchase. Get the experience of Vaping & e-juice at rates you cannot imagine, without any hidden charges. All terms and conditions are applied BUY MORE TO SAVE MORE!!!!!!

Spend $0 – $99.99, an Additional 5% off (Purchase 5x a month or more to get your membership investment back)

Spend $100 – $149.99, an Additional 10% off (Purchase 3x a month or more to get your membership investment back)

Spend $150 – $299.99, an Additional 15% off (Purchase 2x a month or more to get your membership investment back)

Spend $300 or more, Additional 25% off (Purchase 1x a month to get your membership investment back)

If you join the club, you will receive 4 personalized coupon codes for the month that you can use to use on your orders to receive your discounts.

What products did we offer?

At My Delta-8 Store, you will get products of all premium brands; which includes DAZED8, EFFEX, EXTRAX, D8HI, FUEGO, GOLDEN GOAT, HHC CARTS, HYDRO HEMP, KIK KALIBLOOM, KOI, MINT WELLNESS, TKO, URB, and URB.

We have a wide range of products of Delta-8 THC products from D-8 disposable Vapes & Carts, Edibles, and flowers.

 My Delta-8 store also offers HHC and other cannabinoid products which are quite popular.

About My Delta-8 Store

My delta-8 store has been heaven for those who love CBD-based products and offers great products at cheap rates. It has been the place of many famous brands. You name it we have it. We also offer our products in bulk and on subscription plans. We have the best return and refund policies. We deliver over the order of $50 which is quite reasonable. We are located at 2900 Glades Circle, Weston, Florida. For further quarries call us at 754-900-97 or contact us at info@mydelta8store.com


In the end, I leave the choice to you! Because we care a lot about customers. Many online stores will offer you a lot but not at the right price so shop wisely! Delta-8 products are good for mental health but their excessive use can harm your health so, please use them precisely.  To know more about Disposable Vape subscription you can visit our online store My-Delta-8 store.