HOT Talent Out of Dallas, Texas: Rostah Rah

DALLAS TX- Rostah Rah, who was born in College Park, Atlanta, and who now lives in the city of Dallas in the state of Texas, is determined to make artwork of the greatest quality possible regardless of where she is. Rostah Rah was born in Atlanta, and her current residence is in the city of Dallas. In the middle of her regular release of projects with The Royal Family Records, her primary purpose is to adopt a more professional approach while also proving that her critics are erroneous. This will allow her to accomplish both of these goals simultaneously. Rostah Rah is now exerting a great deal of energy into honing his skill in the expectation that he would one day achieve the highest level of success possible in the industry of music as an art form. Her one-of-a-kind source of creativity is what separates her from other artists, and despite the fact that she is so multi-talented, she has given performances of her songs in almost every state throughout the nation.  “My very first song features my friend Kris King. I’m currently working on my first official album. It is scheduled to release by July 24th. This album will be a deeper insight into my emotional and physical journey as a female rapper adapting to the expansion of my wisdom as I age and my personal life.”Her reasons for doing what she does set her up to succeed all the time. “My family, I want to create generational wealth for my nephews and future children.”

What has been the most difficult thing to do as an artist?

Staying focused while working a full time job.

Rostah Rah is not only a seasoned businesswoman but also a musician with a lot of expertise. Rostah Rah does not give up. Because she is driven, creative, devoted, sympathetic, attentive, cerebral, and has tunnel vision concentration, Rostah Rah is talented when she is performing live on stage. She wants to achieve more success in her profession and have a good impact on the world via the power of her music. After that, she wants to make people want to see more of her, which is something that she has been successful at accomplishing at open mic nights in the city of Dallas. After that, she wants to make people want to see more of her. She puts in the hours of hard work, makes a commitment to the effort, and finds inspiration in her work both in front of and behind the scenes, and in the year 2022, she makes an impression in the music business as a result of these things.


As a direct result of her hard work, she will be in a position to improve the foundation that she has already established by constructing additional elements atop it and broadening the scope of those elements. Rostah Rah will be able to do this because she never gives up, and to remain on top, she sees only a bright future ahead.  It never fails to make her day brighter when the audience’s ardent reaction to what she can do to contribute to the general growth of the community is passed to her since this is something that she can do to make a good impact.



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