Holistic drug addiction treatment

Drug and alcohol addiction are severe problems and can cause many physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Often a case can be so complicated that even the best traditional forms of treatment fail abjectly. In such cases, what you need is a holistic drug and alcohol rehab program. Only such a program can guarantee success when all forms of addiction therapy fail. Talk to experts to find out what will be the best course of treatment.

Why go the holistic way?

The traditional treatment model includes medicines, all-around the clock clinical support, and some social-personal therapy sessions to treat the dependency and reverse the psychological effects. However, as stated in the earlier section, there are numerous cases where this doesn’t help, and you need something more.

Holistic therapy is all about allowing the individual to discover the true inner self. It is about providing every recovering addict with a purpose in the world so that proper rehabilitation can take place almost organically. The therapies are tried and tested, built on evidence-based protocols, and aims at providing an alternative route to addiction management, recovery, and relapse prevention.

The following are the aims of holistic addiction treatment –

1. Uncover the real cause of addiction

2. Heal from the inside

3. Connection with inner spirituality

Are there benefits?

Absolutely, and we have many of them for you – inquire about holistic treatment and therapies at your local NJ rehab centers for more information.

Personalized therapy

There is no single right or best approach when it comes to alcoholism and addiction. Every individual is impacted differently, and everyone reacts differently to the therapy. Keep in mind that holistic treatment is all about creating personalized treatment plans for every individual.

The mind, body, and the spirit

Holistic treatment doesn’t focus on treating the symptoms; instead, it concentrates on treating the mind, body, and spirit – thus the moniker.

Ambiance and environment

A rehab center should be all about a safe, compassionate, and warm environment. The holistic treatment considers that every individual requires a support system to provide them with comfort and compassion.

Best recovery

A rehab stint is ideal for the best recovery. But what makes a story successful is if it is a long-term process. Keep in mind that with addiction, there is always the chance of a relapse, and therefore you must have systems in place to balance the cravings and cases of relapse. Holistic treatment will take the best possible care to develop the processes that will allow you to exercise better self-control when faced with temptation.


It is vital to understand that recovery doesn’t stop with a single rehab stint. It would help if you understood that for some people, recovery could be a lifelong process as well. That is where aftercare and post-therapy care comes in. Holistic treatment offers you the best possible aftercare and continues till you get completely cured of your dependency.

If you are wondering how it is different from traditional therapy for addiction treatment, the following is a list of features at Vermont drug addiction treatment centers.

Dual diagnosis

The holistic treatment provides you with the opportunity of dual diagnosis, which is of tremendous importance in substance abuse cases. Addiction leads to physical problems and various psychological disorders, and therefore holistic treatment is the right way to go.


This traditional eastern therapy includes thin needles inserted at specific pressure points and is highly effective for pain relief and other mental stresses and anxiety. It creates a pleasant feeling within the body, which positively affects the healing process.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

Addiction comes with various associated troubles, and cognitive dysfunctional behavioral patterns are incredibly disruptive. With holistic treatment and corrective therapy, you can have a better grip on your thoughts when faced with stressors like situations, events, and people. 

Spiritual guidance

It is vital to understand that every individual has high worth and a more profound value. Addiction leads to losing sight of the very ideas of self-worth, and through holistic treatment, you can feel empowered and re-develop the lost self-confidence and belief.

Family therapy

Holistic treatment is the only option out there that takes into consideration your family as well. The professionals understand that family understanding and help are keys to successful rehabilitation. Family addiction counseling is a significant part of the holistic treatment, and this is something you should keep in mind before choosing your rehab program.

Yoga therapy

Rehabilitation is about getting into a routine, and a systematic practice like yoga is an excellent option for relieving stress. Holistic treatment will mentor you in physical exercise, breathing, meditation, and positive thinking.

When it comes to rehabilitation, you need to understand several strategies for recovery work, including 12-step programs, medication, and counseling. Whichever you choose, it is all about empowering you and making you more responsible for life. Start your recovery journey today.