Here’s Why buying a property in Delhi without a realtor is the best option

Before purchasing your dream house, you’ve got to walk a lonely road that starts with carefully planned savings. An in-depth study and significant time must be invested. All you need is a real estate dealer or an agent to ensure the process goes smoothly. To do so, look for someone suitable. However, how can homeowners be sure that your agent or the real estate broker is looking out for your best intentions and isn’t performing deceptions that benefit him or herself?

Brokers have a lot of confidence in their abilities to persuade. They will emphasize on everything you would wish to hear and, if it doesn’t work, will build a fear of boosting the price, forcing the homebuyer to make a hasty decision. This is a common experience amongst many of my friends who were actively searching for a residential independent house for sale in Delhi. After successfully helping my friends land the best apartments without any broker, I thought about blogging my thoughts and guiding everyone to brokerage-less house hunting.

Here are some of the crucial things that we need to pay attention to while buying a property without a broker.

A. Area/Neighborhood

In today’s environment, if you’re buying a house without a realtor. You don’t need a psychic to get an idea and predict the perfect location. Make use of the internet as your friend and do a deep-dive by spending a good amount of time researching for better outcomes. Furthermore, you may always enlist the aid of coworkers or inquire within the group about which area is the best and how your friends got the right help with their property or rental agreement in Delhi.

B. House Developers’ Reputation

If you buy flats without a broker, you’ll have to thoroughly study local trends, understand what is driving the current value of the properties, etc. It’s a time-consuming process, but there are advantages to conducting your research.

C. Paperwork Involved

If you are purchasing a flat without a broker, you will need professional guidance! Hire an advocate to assist you with all of the legal papers and property documents. Real estate investment is a significant event, hence seeking help and having someone to guide you about everything that involves legal paperwork is always beneficial.

D. Commission

If you buy a property without a broker, there is no brokerage. There is no brokerage, which means you may save a lot of money. Nowadays, the internet provides a plethora of homes for sale by owners.

E. You Get to Work Alone

Even though they are obligated by law to protect your interests, you might be hesitant to deal with a buyer’s agent because of past experiences. If you believe that a real estate agent would push you into a deal too swiftly or place you in the wrong home, you may feel more comfortable doing it yourself. As a result, purchasing flats without brokers might be ideal for you. However, if you’re not careful, you might be overmatched when dealing with the seller’s agent, who is simply working on behalf of the seller. You can now find much property for sale by the owner without an agent.


You’ll have to complete house hunting by yourself if you choose to purchase a home without the aid of a realtor. As a result, having a home buyer’s checklist is an absolute must. This will assist you in identifying your top priorities and help you be in a better position to make an educated decision.