Here’s How Much Your $1000 Investment in MANA Will Be Worth If It Reaches $1

MANA, Decentraland’s native token, has seen a significant price increase in recent days. Its value has increased by 37.13% in the last 24 hours and 72.54% in the last seven days.

MANA’s price has been steadily rising for quite some time. MANA has increased by 61.08% over the last 30 days and 35.74% over the last 60 days. It is up 101.62% year to date (YTD) and currently trades at $0.61.

Decentraland’s MANA Price Prediction

Investor sentiment toward MANA is neutral, according to Coincodex’s technical analysis. They expect the price of MANA to rise by 53.91% in the next month, reaching $ 0.923561 on February 13, 2023.

According to Coincodex, the MANA price will be between $ 1.636655 and $ 4.91 by 2025. They even predict that MANA’s price will break through the $10 barrier by 2026, in the best-case scenario.

Given that the MANA reached an all-time high of $5.90 in November 2021, it is very likely that it will break through the $1 barrier soon.

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