Here are some problems with Amazon FBA

High Fees: FBA fees can be high, especially for smaller businesses. Businesses need to pay for storage, fulfillment, and shipping fees, which can cut into profit margins.

Inventory Management Issues

Since Amazon is a competitive market place, it really puts the pressure on businesses to keep their stocking and restocking routines intact. If there’s even a small obstruction in the shipping of goods to Amazon, this can severely affect the ranking of your products on this website due to the “out of stock” label.

Lack of Personalized Customer Support

Since Amazon is a huge corporation spreading over to numerous countries and industries, it is quite hard to get personalized customer support services from their end. This has been a common complaint amongst businesses selling on Amazon.

Product Restrictions

Amazon has stringent policies against some categories of products which puts limitations on a lot of businesses that sell hazardous chemicals, firearms or certain electronics. Due to this, these businesses may not be able to avail FBA.

These are some of the reasons many businesses are now trying to evade these problems that are put in place by the e-commerce giant. Many businesses are now considering third party logistics services in UK over Amazon FBA. Even though Amazon FBA might be a good option for some businesses, its limitations leave out a lot of potential businesses from tapping into new audiences and customers. Orlovlog is the best choice for logistics and warehousing services in UK.