Hens Party in Melbourne: Different Activities You Must Know


As the new year is fast approaching and holidays are on, ideas for hens night and parties are taking up speed. In this article, we take a look at Melbourne and what it has to offer to the people. Activities are ways to keep engagement but spots and locations are also keys let’s dive into the rich resourceful activities you can do in Melbourne.


What Is a Hens Party?

Known as a ‘Hen Night’ in the UK and Ireland, this is a kind of bachelorette party for men and women. Usually, the hens night refers to a party held for the women who are about to marry. Some historians believe the hens night or party is a remodeling of centuries-old stag night in the US, the exact origin of the term is inconclusive. Despite all this, today there are parties in honor of the bride-to-be. With modern adaptations, the hen’s party still is a great affair.


5 Great Ideas in Melbourne

A hen night cannot be memorable without laughter, thrill, drinks, and male entertainment. Because of this, it is important to have a list of things you would like to do. Because you want to have a crazy full night, there must be activities to involve everyone and your bestie. With an all-inclusive dinner, show, drinks, limo transfer, etc doesn’t wait up for the line because new years and holidays are good spots for such parties. For a one-stop destination in Melbourne, you can book packages that have all these from a hen party organizer. This is way cheaper.

  1. Boat Cruises

Melbourne can offer a cruise ride to celebrate this occasion in style. Because nothing rivals the comfort of a cruise ship, charter boats are great for parties too. There are several organizers with such amenities in Melbourne. Because of your packages, you get the pleasure of luxury along with beautiful views of Docklands, Victoria Harbour, and Northern Wharf.

  1. Windsor Hotel’s Rooms

This hotel is a perfect place to host your parties because of its exclusive amenities. The Grand Ballroom, The Bourke Room, The Winston Room are some of the areas. The heritage of the ballroom is adorned with soaring high stained glass windows, glass domes, and accommodation for up to 350 people. The Bourke Room offers creativity, space for activities.

  1. Tea House Experience

There are companies that offer high-class sophisticated tea experiences as packages for hen parties in Melbourne. The local rustic, delicious, and fab appeal makes it charming. This is a great spot for those around Yarra Valley and surrounding suburbs. These offer sweets and savories and are ideal for hen parties, kitchen tea parties, and bridal showers. Because of this, their packages may often include a selection of sweets, fluffy scones, fresh flowers, service staff, vintage teaware, artisan teas, and exclusive tea rooms. Of course with further add ones like flower crown making, champagne, macaroons, and more, you can have a blast.

  1. Pole Rooms & Champagne

Melbourne’s pubs, clubs, and bars offer great destinations for organizing hen parties. Because of this pole dance studios have packages where hens party hostesses take care of all your needs. Starting with serving snacks on arrival, champagne, taking photographs, there is even a professional instructor to put the party on a spin. These hens party packages include teaching you how to grip, spin, and twist on a pole. The secrets to pole dancing are revealed by pole professionals. Depending on the type of activities you wish to have they can also include burlesque or striptease, and mini dancing routines. Complete with rock or pop music and lots of drinks, this is an amazing way to organize a hen’s party in Melbourne. Because Places like Kilsyth, Micham, and Highett are popular for such parties, it’s a great opportunity if you live around there.

  1. Crazy Bucks Night

Would you mind some axe throwing, beer tours, archery, or go karting because there are some packages in Melbourne that offer all the above? Yes, you do not have to think and wait for organizing this separately because there are packages where you can pick these options. Starting with whiskey tasting and steakhouses to golf weekends, and even cruise charters you can do it all. The city offers some event planners that specialize in Melbourne hens night or bucks night planning.

With unique access to activities, entertainment, transport, and accommodation, they can prove a one-stop point for all your party needs. The preliminary packages include cocktail making classes, life drawing, spa and pamper days, winery tours, private hens parties too if you want them, and male revue shows. Of course, if you like to have private male entertainers, you can have it too. Because all this can be combined in different packages, some of the biggest event planners in Melbourne cover these basics to the beast.



Hens party or bucks party ideas can include anything that the guests are willing to participate in. They can be as simple as dinner and drinks to boat cruise, archery, cocktail, and pole dancing classes too. Because of this flair and diversity in offerings, event planners in Melbourne are the best places to look for.

Yes, male entertainment and private entertainment facilities can be arranged as well. Some of the unique hen’s party ideas for 2021 include activities that will keep you on your toes. Because there is nothing that Melbourne can’t offer, cheap and affordably in a budget.


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