Hassan Mahmood, A Down-To-Earth Man Soaring High

Hassan Mahmood


This is the life story of this man, Hassan Mahmood. A young man can literally work hard, get his goals achieved, and inspire people in tons! An entrepreneur is always a risk-taker and a leader. Hassan Mahmood, at a very young age, had to move from his country and adjust to a new place. In 2001, he moved to the US from Lahore, after completing his early education. He studied in the Kent County Middle School and graduated from the Kent County High School. His educational journey has been average. He was always interested in business. He had some of those exceptional skills, like leadership, communication skills, farsightedness, right decision making, etc. Some of his hobbies included putting various variations of clothes together and clubbing them with different designs and patterns. His future goals included setting up his fashion brand and getting himself introduced as an entrepreneur.


Today, Hassan Mahmood stays in the Maryland state of Kent County. He has been living in this county for 20 years now. One can say that his country has turned out as a lucky charm in his life. He has had the experience of working with his family retail business, which is as old as 40 years. He has used new tactics to expand his family business and is still trying hard to gain some huge capital. Apart from this, he has also worked with the Subway franchise of Delaware. He did some exceptional works there and later was declared as the owner of the Subway franchise. Over time, he learned various techniques and skills. He used his innovation in introducing something new. He learned some marketing strategies and understood the psychology of the consumers.


After having a better understanding of all these aspects, Hassan Mahmood purchased an operating gas station. After the success of this investment, he went from confident to more confident. Later, he set up a convenience store in Delaware. The prosperity of this store, made him set up two more stores in Maryland and Pennsylvania. After all this, he gained the wealth that he dreamt of. But his dreams didn’t end here. He started working more and more towards his convenience stores and also towards his family retail business. He tried to expand his business in many waves. Working hard, and focusing on his work never made him forget his hobby and love for designing clothes. He paid close attention to new trends and designs. He always takes account of what consumers like, and what consumers can pay.


Now Hassan Mahmood is planning to introduce his startup of a new fashion brand. He has everything planned in his head. He is just a step behind getting his dreams and life accomplished He is also planning to invest in some commercial properties. But, apart from the idea of this new setup and investment, he is a regular contributor to various NGOs and organizations. He thinks like a common man and tries to contribute to the development of society. He is such a generous and down-to-earth man.

Connect with Hassan on Instagram –  @iam.hassan_mahmood