Harbor Classic Is Outdoor Furniture’s New Gold Standard

Harbor Classic is an innovative outdoor furniture company offering an all-in-one-priced, no-gimmicks, no-hidden-fees model with the highest quality materials across the board. In an industry marked by supply chain slowdowns and excessive price markups, Harbor Classic is quickly setting itself apart.

Consumers are spending more time at home and now, more than ever, they realize the value of outdoor living. But outdoor furniture is expensive. The industry is fragmented, with most manufacturers selling wholesale to retailers at a 30-50% markup, and retailers typically turning around and adding another 60-75% markup to consumers. Production times are unpredictable, delivery times are slow and inconvenient, and price gouging is at an all-time high.  

To give the appearance of lower prices, in-store and online retailers often advertise “lower” and more “attractive” prices by displaying prices on furniture that do not include cushions or shipping, two of the most expensive and vital parts of a consumer’s purchase. When added back in at checkout, displayed furniture prices typically double.  

“These deceptive practices and steep markups due to the middleman are exactly why we decided to start Harbor Classic. We saw the massive gap and decided to fill it with a vertically integrated, direct-to-consumer outdoor furniture company with timeless designs that are handcrafted by the industry’s leading artisans.” said the company’s Chief Executive Officer. 

Harbor Classic’s “one price, next day shipping” business model is poised to shake up how the tired, outdated furniture industry operates.  

“We offer the absolute best prices and quality to our consumers without cutting a single corner,” said the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.  

Harbor Classic’s single advertised price includes their bespoke, handcrafted furniture from the finest materials (like grade A teak, HDPE resin wicker, and powder coated aluminum), industry-leading Sunbrella fabric cushions in a host of timeless colors, and next-day shipping. 

Consumers can expect one all-inclusive price with next day shipping, without the hassle and runaround from traditional furniture companies. Lead times are virtually nonexistent at HarborClassic.com. Everything advertised is in stock, period. 

Harbor Classic believes its open and honest approach to outdoor furniture will reward the consumer by providing a client-centric shopping experience that is second-to-none in the outdoor space.  

“We control every aspect of the process. By designing and manufacturing our own products, we can attest to each and every piece’s quality. We utilize only the best materials, specifically suited to outdoor use that will last a lifetime. By recognizing and shedding the deficits other brands have, such as fancy showrooms, middlemen, and long lead times, we have perfected the outdoor product and furniture buying experience that consumers have been craving at a significantly lower price, and our products ship to you the very next day. We hold ourselves accountable so that you don’t have to,” said the company’s CEO.  

Check out Harbor Classic’s e-commerce platform, HarborClassic.com, to see how seamless outdoor furniture buying can be.