Haluk Tekinsen, Berke Global Holding bridge from Dubai to Istanbul

Haluk Tekinsen is the founder and CEO of Berke Global Holding, a bridge between Dubai and Istanbul. He is a successful business entrepreneur with a passion for international trade and commerce. He has built a strong network in both countries, and his company has become a major player in the global market. Through his leadership, Berke Global Holding has been able to bring together the best of both cultures, creating a unique trading platform that benefits both Dubai and Istanbul. Haluk Tekinsen’s success has been remarkable, and he is an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs with big dreams. His story is proof that hard work and dedication can pay off in the end, no matter where you come from.

Haluk Tekinsen is an inspiring example of how the power of business can bridge international divides. As the founder and CEO of Berke Global Holding, Tekinsen has built a successful company with offices in both Dubai and Istanbul. His journey started in the Middle East, but he quickly realized that there were opportunities in his home country of Turkey. He made the bold move to open an office in Istanbul and has since been credited with helping to create a bridge between the two cities.

He is the Chairman of Berke Global Holding, a company that specializes in infrastructure, energy, and real estate development. Through Berke Global Holding, Tekinsen is helping to create a direct connection between Dubai and Istanbul with the aim of boosting business and improving relations between the two countries. Tekinsen’s efforts are already making a difference, and it is hoped that they will continue to have a positive impact in the years to come.  As Dubai and Istanbul become closer, both countries stand to benefit from increased economic opportunities and cultural exchange.

 The company prides as having great experiences in constructing office spaces, tenant build-outs, restaurants, retail spaces, convenience markets, day care facilities, and industrial warehousing. Construction and project management being its major services, Berke Global is also not behind in providing maintenance services to industrial facilities by providing technical man-power. The manpower includes plumbers, sheet metal workers and others. Managing of machinery and equipment for various construction sites are also its secondary services.

Berke Global Holding Website: https://www.berkeholding.com/