Halal Cosmetics: A Revolution in Cosmetic Industry

People nowadays are concerned about what they apply to their skin more than ever. With the increasing skin care awareness, there has been a surge in vegan, organic, and cruelty-free products. This became the foundation of formulating skin, body, and environment-friendly cosmetics. They are popularly known as halal cosmetics.

The word halal is not confined to ingredients but also takes into account the sourcing and manufacturing processes. Halal cosmetics have been getting popular among Muslim and non-Muslim populations alike. 

Their exceptional growth has brought a revolution in the cosmetic industry. 

Halal Cosmetics Market

The halal cosmetic industry is one of the growing industries in the USA. Statista reports reveal that in 2016, the halal cosmetic market in the USA was valued at 130 million. It is expected to grow to $270 million by the end of 2025.

Over the past few years, the halal cosmetic industry has flourished significantly among those looking for healthy and ethical beauty products. The reason is their skin-friendly composition and promising results. 

Halal cosmetics are cosmetic items free from ingredients prohibited by Islam. It includes everything from skincare items to scents. Here are some of the most popular halal cosmetic products in the market. 

Halal Nail Polish

Have you heard about halal nail polish? It became a buzzword in the fashion world soon after its launch. The popularity graph does not seem to come down anytime sooner. Initially, they were launched to facilitate Muslim women. Over time, they have gained massive popularity, and today, they are equally popular among all women. 

Top halal cosmetics brands like Mersi Cosmetics create certified halal and vegan nail polish. They prove the breathability of the nail paint through a lab test. As a result of their popularity, the words like “halal” and “breathable nail polish” have become a part of discussions. 

Halal nail polishes are a game changer for Muslim women. Painting your nails with beautiful colors is an important fashion practice among women. Muslim women avoid them to perform ablution five times a day. Halal nail paints allow them to style their nails as they want without creating hurdles in their daily prayers. For more information on Halal nail polish check out 

Popular brands like Mersi Cosmetics create vegan and breathable nail paints. These nail varnishes are easy to apply and care for your nails’ health. The halal-certified nail polishes are ablution friendly. This means you can pray while having them on your nails.

Halal Lipstick

Who doesn’t like to wear lipstick? This is probably the most popularly used cosmetic product. Unlike traditional lipsticks, these are made from 100% natural ingredients. Halal lipsticks serve as a cosmetic and a lip care product. Its vegan composition keeps your lips healthy and saves them from chapping and dryness.

Halal Mascara

The halal mascara is the perfect solution for volumizing your eyelashes. The natural nourishing ingredients keep your lashes healthy and prevent irritation. It neither contains any animal-based ingredients and is nor tested on animals. Women enjoy guilt-free long and voluminous eyelashes with this halal product.


A foundation is your best friend for styling your everyday look. Would you like toxic chemicals in a foundation damaging your skin silently? Halal foundations are there to save you. They are free from any toxic chemicals that damage your skin. You can even find water-resistant halal foundations for a long-lasting glamorous look. 

Besides these, there are a bunch of different other products as well. However, halal nail polish is probably the most popular with high demand. Around a hundred million women in the USA used nail polish in 2020. This demand is expected to grow even more in the future, predicted to reach 102 million in 2024.

Every halal cosmetic brand claims to be the best in the business. It is difficult to identify the perfect brand for you. Instead of relying on verbal claims, it is better to prefer certified products only. 

Among the multiple brands that evolved through the halal cosmetics revolution, Mersi Cosmetics appeared as an exception. They are a halal nail polish brand with a wide range of vibrant nail paints. It’s a brand that stands for quality and sustainability through its locally manufactured products. Their nail paints are not only breathable but also vegan and cruelty-free. Their aim is to promote the idea of not caring about people but the planet also. 

Brands like Mersi Cosmetics have revolutionized the halal cosmetic industry. As their popularity grows, we hope to see this industry flourishing even more.