Grand Seiko Watch: Why Get?

When people say Seiko, it’s likely to make people think of affordable quartz watches, automatic divers, or Japan. However, the realm of luxury timepieces is one that Seiko thrives on and offers more on. Grand Seiko became its brand under the Seiko in 2017. Thus, it began to produce some of the best and most competitive watches in the luxury market, rivaling the best Swiss brands at prices that are still (somewhat) attainable. 

For others, it might take some time to warm up. At first, some saw “Seiko” and wondered why anyone would spend thousands on one when they could buy a Rolex, for example. However, it’s easier to ‘get’ if you spot and see Grand Seiko’s creations in person! 

So why buy Grand Seiko? There are plenty of reasons! You’ve got the mechanics, the history – and of course, the beautiful tradition of craftsmanship. 

The History

The Grand Seiko brand perceives it as a newcomer in the luxury watch world. The brand had entered US shores only a few years ago. However, its rise to fame in English-speaking countries can be owed to internet forums.  

Grand Seiko is seen as a newcomer in the luxury watch world, having only entered the US a few years ago and rising to fame in English-speaking countries largely via internet forums. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. GS was just as controversial back in 1960 as it is today.

However, since Kintaro Hattori’s first shop opened in 1881, Seiko was not perceived as a major player in the luxury watch market. Seiko has had its failures. It’s also had successes and awards. However, Seiko has not permanently impacted the high-end watch industry. 

Nevertheless, Seiko’s history is rich. It is also a tradition steeped in excellence and innovation.

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The Movements

Grand Seiko has amazing accuracy! Many watch brands have a wide range of potential accuracy ratings, and that’s true of Grand Seiko! However, there’s one unique selling point Grand Seiko can lord over the other brands: the worst Grand Seiko has a better rating than almost every other brand’s best. It’s quite convenient. It’s not merely for bragging rights, though. 

It also means that anyone can buy a Grand Seiko randomly without knowing its movements and end up with a great, accurate watch! 

Another reason Grand Seiko is very valuable is that it cannot be simplified as easily. It’s also not just a long list of technical tight tolerances. Rather, nor can it be reduced to a long list of technical achievements. The act of understanding Grand Seiko lies in the fact that it is in an entirely different realm. It’s also an experience. 

The Craftsmanship

Lastly, the final aspect of understanding the appreciation for Grand Seiko is its craftsmanship. Only a few brands have remained with traditional watch polishing, assembly, and adjustment to the quality and standard that Grand Seiko has set. 

Extremely fine finishing is another trademark aesthetic of Grand Seiko. Beyond it lies the functionality of the watch assembling – a task that only master watchmakers have done. 

Wrapping Up

There are many reasons why Grand Seiko is the watch you should get! Its quality extends to all of its units. It’s also a testament to Grand Seiko’s hard work and tradition!