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Gold Coast Girl: A Guide to Chic Chicago Lifestyle

Welcome to the Chic Chicago lifestyle guide for Gold Coast Girls!

Chicago is known for its world-renowned architecture, delicious food and diverse cultural scene. With so much to see and do, it can be hard to know where to start when exploring this great city. However, with a little bit of research and guidance from the Gold Coast Girl, you will be able to integrate the chic Chicago lifestyle into your daily routine like a pro!

When it comes to fashion, Chicagoans have no problem donning their best threads. From high-end designer clothes to budget-friendly finds, there’s sure to be something for you in Chic Chicago. When planning your outfits, take into account the season and weather conditions – hot summer days call for lighter layers while frigid winter evenings call for cozy sweaters and hats. And of course, never forget your accessories! From stylish sunglasses to classic handbags, make sure you have everything you need to complete your look.

If dining is on your agenda in Chic Chicago, there’s no shortage of options. From upscale restaurants serving up Michelin-starred cuisine to neighborhood spots perfect for grabbing a bite with friends, there’s something for everyone in Chicago. When deciding where to dine, take into account what type of food you’re in the mood for (e.g., Italian cuisine during Rome season or sushi during Sushi Month). And of course, don’t forget about drinks! From signature cocktails served at

How to Dress Like a Gold Coast Girl

If your looking to dress like a Gold Coast girl, start with the basics. A great way to show your coast pride is by rocking some chic sandals and a sun dress. For an evening out, throw on a cute maxi skirt and a blazer. For days spent lounging around the house, keep things casual with some chunky wedges and a flowy tank top. And finally, for an extra touch of glamour, accessorize with some dainty earrings and a sleek watch. Whether you’re hitting the beach or hitting up a nightspot in town, these tips will have you looking like a style icon in no time!

What to Wear on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a place where you can sunbathe on the beach, play in the waves, and enjoy some of the best food around. But just because it’s a beautiful place doesn’t mean that you have to stick to wardrobe staples like jeans and T-shirts.

If you want to stay stylish while enjoying the Gold Coast lifestyle, here are five pieces of advice:

1) Stick to neutrals when packing your suitcase. While bright colors will definitely stand out on the sand and in the waves, they won’t be as versatile in city settings. Opt for pieces like white tee shirts, swimsuits, and dresses.

2) Bring along a few accessories. A simple bag or sunglasses can make a big difference when trying to get that perfect Instagram shot or make a brave entrance at a swanky restaurant.

3) Avoid bringing too much heavy luggage. If possible, pack light and take advantage of Gold Coast transport options like taxis or UberEats.

4) Invest in good walking shoes. The Gold Coast is full of amazing restaurants, cafes, shops, and bars – all within easy reach on foot!

5) Be willing to experiment with your look. You never know what might catch someone’s eye on the Gold Coast – whether it’s an oversized T-shirt paired with denim shorts or something more subtle like a peasant skirt paired with sandals.

What to Pack for the Gold Coast

When traveling to the Gold Coast, one of the most important things you’ll need is packing for the weather! The Gold Coast can be quite hot during the day and chilly at night. Pack a light jacket, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and drinking water. If you’ll be visiting any of Australia’s famous beaches like Bondi or Coogee, pack sun tan lotion and towels.

Another thing to keep in mind when traveling to the Gold Coast is that there is no public transportation so plan ahead and bring your own car. Parking can be expensive and traffic on the Gold Coast can be congested. And lastly, don’t forget your passport!

Where to Eat on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has no shortage of restaurants that offer up delicious food. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, seafood, Vietnamese, or Australian cuisine, there’s a restaurant for you on the coast. Here are some of our personal favorites:

1. Lola – This Italian restaurant offers up exquisite dishes like lasagna and garlic bread. The atmosphere is cozy and romantic, perfect for a date night.

2. Catch – Catch is one of the most popular seafood restaurants on the Gold Coast and for good reason! They serve up fresh seafood dishes like salmon and tuna sushi that are simply amazing.

3. Bamboo – Bamboo is a great place to go if you’re looking for some unique Asian cuisine. They serve up dishes like Thai chicken curry and sweet and sour pork that are absolutely mouth-watering.

4. Pizzeria Uno – This pizzeria is always crowded due to its delicious pizza varieties and affordable prices. Their chefs have developed some of the best pizza in town, including their signature pie- the Margherita pizza which is simply amazing!

A Guide to the Most Stylish Street Style in Chicago’s Gold Coast

If you’re looking to up your street style game, you need to head to the Gold Coast. This chic Chicago neighborhood is home to some of the city’s most stylish residents. Here are five tips for dressing like a pro in the Gold Coast:

1. Stick to neutrals when dressing on the Gold Coast. This allows you to mix and match clothing pieces easily, and helps you avoid being too repetitious.

2. Opt for unique Blazers and cardigans when dressing on the Gold Coast. This will give your outfit a more elevated look, without costing a fortune.

3. Don’t be afraid to accessorize your outfit with statement necklaces and bracelets. These added touches will really make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

4. Make sure your footwear is of high quality and stylish enough for the Gold Coast scene. Utilize soft-soled shoes or ankle boots instead of hard-soled shoes, as these will make your feet feel happier!

5. Keep a healthy aesthetic mentality when dressing on the Gold Coast – don’t let expensive labels or trendy trends take over your wardrobe! Instead, focus on timeless pieces that will look great years down the line – this is what makes this street style so chic!

Where to Find High Fashion Brands on the Gold Coast of Chicago

If you’re looking to explore high fashion on the Gold Coast of Chicago, you’ll want to check out some of the city’s most popular boutiques. While there are many great options to choose from, these four stores stand out as some of the best in terms of quality and selection.

The first store is Coast by Coast, located in Lincoln Park. This boutique is known for its high-end designers like Lela Rose, John Varvatos, and Pink Friday. Not only do they carry a wide range of clothing items, but they also offer accessories, home decor, and even fooditems.

Next on the list is Fendi Chicago at Trump Tower. With over 200 brands represented in its store alone, this is one place where you can find anything and everything related to luxury fashion. In addition to clothing and accessories, Fendi Chicago also sells beauty products and housewares.

Finally, we have Paul Stuart Boutique at The Plaza in downtown Chicago. This store features a carefully selected collection of luxury fashion brands like Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. In addition to clothing items, Paul Stuart Boutique also carries jewelry, fragrances, handbags and more.

So whether you’re looking for something classic or edgy, there’s a high fashion brand for you on the Gold Coast of Chicago!

The Coolest Nightlife Experiences in the Gold Coast of Chicago

Since Chicago is known for its amazing nightlife, it’s no surprise that the Gold Coast has some great experiences to offer! Whether you’re looking for a formal event or some fun in the city, these are the coolest nightlife experiences in the Gold Coast.

Club LaViolette: Known as one of the most beautiful and exclusive clubs in Chicago, Club LaViolette offers a unique experience for anyone looking for a night out. With an outdoor garden area and stunning views of downtown Chicago, Club LaViolette is perfect for special events or simply a night to dance the night away.

The Ritz-Carlton: One of the most luxurious hotels in Chicago, The Ritz-Carlton offers an unforgettable experience when exploring their award-winning nightlife options. With over 50 bars and restaurants on site, there is something for everyone to enjoy. From sophisticated cocktail lounges to lively nightclubs, The Ritz-Carlton has everything you need to have an incredible evening out.

Gold Coast Girl encourages readers to explore all that Chicago has to offer – whether it be its vibrant neighborhoods or awe-inspiring establishments like Club LaViolette and The Ritz-Carlton. Visiting one of these places will undoubtedly enhance your Gold Coast experience!


Thank you for reading Gold Coast Girl, a Chicago-based fashion lifestyle guide. I hope that this series has provided you with some tips and advice to help you outfit yourself stylishly no matter where in the world you are. From shopping tips to dressing advice, we’ve covered it all so that you can look your best wherever your travels take you. So don’t wait any longer – start packing your bags and enjoy every minute of your journey!

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