Gojek Clone App: App That Offers Over 70 Different Services Through A Single App


Multi-Service App like Gojek is a boon for the On-Demand Service Industry because it has provided one unique platform wherein 70+ Service Providers can directly engage with Millions of Users and render their Services.


Business like Gojek is one profitable venture to lay your hands on. It is so not only because of its lucrative Money-Making Business Models but also the diverse and myriad of Services it offers to its Users. It offers 70+ On-Demand Services online through one single platform wherein the User can shop anything and everything right in one place.


Hire a Taxi, take Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, Transport and Logistics, Food and Grocery Delivery, Hire a dependable Personal Shopper who’d run errands for the App User, getting Medicines from the nearest Pharmacies delivered at User’ Doorstep, ordering Stationery for self and the kids.


Let me give you a hypothetical example!

Charlotte Beckham is 7-months pregnant and lives with her husband Liam and her three daughters in San Diego, California!

  • Masseuse

She opens her Gojek Clone App and book an appointment with a Masseuse for a Prenatal Massage! She opts to pay using her In-App Wallet to facilitate Contactless Transactions. Highly Experienced Masseuse Ava reaches La Jolla Farms community, 9660 Black Gold Road of San Diego in exactly 20 minutes!

Charlotte is loving the soothing experience of a Prenatal Massage that her Gynaecologist had recommended her a day before!

  • Doctor

Even for the In-Person appointment with the Gynaecologist Dr. Elizabeth Chan, Charlotte had used her All in one Services App!

Her Husband Liam is a Real Estate Agent who is currently working from home to take care of his wife.

But it is becoming an overwhelming experience for him because their two Adult German Shepherd Male Dogs wouldn’t stop barking because they wanna go out and woof woof in the Open Air. The whole house is a mess and the three young daughters are like cute-little devils who love to prank their Dad and disturb him right when he is in between Video-Conferences!

  • Dog Walker

He opens his App like Gojek and first hires a Dog Walker to take Oreo and Romeo out for a walk at Doyle Dog Park.

  • Maid

He then hires a Maid using the same App to deep-scrub the bathrooms and the kitchen simply because his Mother-in-Law is going to be in town the very next day.

  • Car Wash

In the evening, Liam thinks of taking her girls out to an Amusement Park and uses his Retina Scanner to open the Garage only to see that his Mercedes-Benz Maybach is covered with a thin layer of dust and its sticky.

His iPhone 11 Pro is battery dead and then uses his Wife’s smartphone to avail  Detailed External Car Washing Service of this App.

The Girls are getting furious, they wanted to go out but now they have to wait, so just to keep them engaged for some time, he opens his Television Set and tunes into Cartoon Network kids channel to show the girls their favorite Tom & Jerry show.

But wait, there is no audio! Liam tried everything!

He uses his Wife’ Gojek like App and avails Services of a TV Repair Professional to get the problem fixed.

After such an exhausting day, everyone slept like a log. And Liam had forgotten to fix the alarm for 9:00 ET. He abruptly wakes up to a Doorbell at 9:45 ET only to meet his Mother-in-law who is nutty as a fruitcake!

Liam is apologizing for not picking her up from the Airport and she must have gone through so much trouble to get the Taxi to reach home.

  • Taxi Booking iWatch App

She told him to stop sweating like a Pig and it’s okay, especially because her granddaughter had taught her to book instant Taxis using her Apple Smart Watch!


Powerful Gojek Clone App is feature-rich software that offers such stunning Services that every entrepreneur is going bonkers with excitement to lay their hands on this App. It is so only because of its profit-centric business model. Do you also aspire to be an entrepreneur who wishes to make easy and quick money? Then contact us right this moment and launch your very own App like Gojek in a record 7 days and you’d be a profitable venture from Day 1. We also provide phenomenal after-sales support.


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