Giving demos as a marketing strategy

Last week I sat down to interview a friend of mine who runs the startup and he shared some great insights on how it turned obstacles into opportunities and came up with some interesting marketing growth hacks that any marketer can use.

What insights and actionable tips do you want to share with our readers?

“We offer telesales CRM software called TeleCRM. And it is no secret that if you have a complicated SaaS product, you will eventually have to give demos for the client to understand what the product is, how it works, and how it adds value to their workflow. But giving in-person one-to-one demos can take a lot of time.

As a start-up with a limited number of salespeople were not at liberty to just have a form and start giving demos to anyone who filled that form.

But just like any other obstacle, we treated this obstacle as an opportunity in disguise.

We did three things we did to overcome the issue and use this to our advantage.

That’s great what are these 3 things can you describe them?

1. Lead qualification survey and group demo webinars

The first and foremost step was adding a qualification survey to understand who are the people who really need the product versus who are the ones who are just exploring.

After that, we took special care of the people who filled out the lead qualification survey. And to the rest of the leads, we passed them in our lead nurturing campaign.

Another interesting growth hack was taking group demos of multiple business owners together instead of one-to-one demos

2. Demo videos, DIY onboarding, a DIY course

The next step was adding demo videos. Giving in-person demos was difficult. And many times the users didn’t have the patience or time to wait for the next demo session. So for these types of users, we created 3 different workflows

  1. Demo videos of the most important features of CRM
  2. A DIY series of onboarding videos using which the user can try the himself
  3. A CRM DIY course for onboarding and getting started that the user can use and onboard himself and share with his team members

The idea behind this was to put as much of the demo flow onto the user. Thereby saving time for the sales team and allowing the user to immediately see the important demos and decide for themselves whether he wants to proceed with TeleCRM

3. WhatsApp groups for support

After the demo workflow was sorted the last piece of the puzzle was support, If the user tries the product himself it means generally he will have a lot of queries and questions. And those questions will need immediate answers if the user has to stick to the platform.  this is where are we came up with a brilliant hack of using WhatsApp groups to provide support.  it has many advantages

  1. The queries come and get answered immediately
  2. Since the user gets WhatsApp support is generally does not expect somebody to jump on a call unless it is absolutely necessary
  3. It is possible to handle multiple support queries in one go for one single support executive if it is on WhatsApp.

Some really interesting growth hacks there! Do you want to share some final advice for the other business owners reading this?

While running a Startup resources are always limited and there is a lot to do. But as we have already seen with the right mindset every limitation is an opportunity in disguise to innovate and come up with a creative solution that can create an overall higher value. 

If you run a Startup, then comment below with one instance where you faced such a limitation and innovated your way out of it.

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