Give a Gift He Actually Wants: The Top Christmas Gifts for Teen Boys in 2020

Experts say about $15.2 billion a year goes to Christmas gifts that people don’t even want! There’s no reason to throw your money away like that. Not only does the recipient feel unappreciated, but you’re also losing out, too.

Ready to remedy the situation this year? If so, then you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Christmas gifts for teen boys in 2020. Read on to discover what you should buy for your growing teen this holiday season.

1. Basketball MasterClass with Stephen Curry

Do you have a budding athlete on your hands? If your teen boy loves basketball, then we know exactly what you should get him this year.

Consider signing up your youngster for Stephen Curry’s MasterClass. For only $15 a month, your kiddo will learn techniques like:

  • Shooting
  • Scoring
  • Ball-handling

If you don’t know who Stephen Curry is, then don’t worry. Your son surely does.

2. PS5 & Games

Who doesn’t love video games? If you have a teen boy, then there’s a good chance they love gaming. Why not give them the gift they really want — a PS5.

The PlayStation 5 is set to get released on November 12th. That means it’s sure to be one of the hottest gifts this year. If your teen already acquired one, then don’t fret. There are countless games for the console that you can gift to them.

3. Leather Cologne

As our young teens start to grow up, they become very concerned about their appearance. This change is normal, but it’s not always a great time for parents.

Not only do your teens start taking over the bathroom, but they fill your whole house with that axe smell, too! Consider buying your teen some leather cologne this year. Not only will they feel more like a man, but your nose will get some much needed relief, too.

4. RC Planes for Hours of Fun

If there’s one thing men of all ages can agree on, it’s RC vehicles. That’s why you should check out the latest RC plane models for your teen.

These planes will give your teen hours of fun, and it can all start on Christmas evening. Don’t think your other family members won’t be out there flying that plane, too!

5. Game of Phones

Is your teen known as the life of the party? If so, then the Game of Phones will give them (and their friends) plenty to talk about.

This game is like a scavenger hunt that involves everyone’s smartphones. It only costs about $10-20, so it’s a good choice if you’re on a budget.

Best Christmas Gifts for Teen Boys in 2020

The best Christmas gifts for teen boys don’t have to be the most expensive. They also don’t have to be the most flashy or even useful. The best gift for your teen boy is something they’ll enjoy and appreciate.

Use this list to get started on your holiday shopping today!

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