Get free gifts, free shipping, and free gift vouchers for Raksha Bandhan 2023, a well-known website for exclusive Raksha Bandhan shopping, is running multiple offers on all Raksha Bandhan orders. The company is doing so to mark its 10th anniversary. Being in the digital marketing industry for a decade, the company has worked diligently for its customers, and its customers have also supported them throughout their journey. As a token of gratitude, the company is distributing multiple gifts, vouchers, and free shipping on all its orders.

Talking exclusively about the website, the CEO and founder of Rakhibazaar said, “We are planning to make Raksha Bandhan 2023 bigger and better for everyone associated with the company. For that, multiple schemes and offers are running on the website. This initiative is taken to make our community feel included in the ten-year celebration of the company.”

Furthermore, the company has shared how customers can get the latest offers on all their orders. The information on the process is shared below in detail.

How to avail the best deals from

As mentioned, the company is running three offers this year, valid on all purchases. But they believe their customers might have some questions in their mind regarding claiming these amazing offers. Since Rakhibazaar is known for taking its customers too prestigiously, they have shared all the details on who can avail of these offers and how.

The ‘free gift’ offer

They are giving free gifts on all orders. These gifts are available for all their customers based on the order limit. They are majorly distributing free chocolates and Buddha sculptures on all Raksha Bandhan orders. Here are some more details on the exact ‘free gift’ offer they are running on their website:

  • Free 2 Dairy milk chocolates with orders upto ₹1000
  • Free Dairy Milk box with orders between ₹1000 to ₹3000
  • Free Buddha Statue with orders above ₹3000

These gifts are valid on all domestic and international orders. Whether a person wants to send Rakhi to the USA or is sending it within India, the free gift offer is valid on all orders.

The ‘gift voucher’ offer

Gift vouchers have become the talk of the town. People send gift vouchers to their loved ones multiple times to give them the freedom to buy gifts of their choice. Rakhibazaar is taking the opportunity and adding its gift voucher worth 20% off on every order.

One can send Rakhi to New Zealand, Australia, Delhi, Mumbai, etc.; all these orders will have a gift voucher from inside. The vouchers provided by the company are valid on all future purchases from the website as it has no expiry date.

These vouchers don’t come with a minimum or maximum limit of orders. All a person has to do to be eligible for the gift voucher is place an order from the website. And then, get ready to receive the chance to get huge discounts on all their future Raksha Bandhan shopping sprees with Rakhibazaar.

The ‘free shipping’ facility

This facility is not of the few facilities added by the website. They have been running this particular facility for their customers since the website existed. But the noteworthy thing is that the company continues with the free shipping service on all Rakhibazaar Rakhi and gift orders.

Like all of their other services of free gifts and vouchers, the free delivery facility is also available on all orders regardless of any minimum range. Apart from that, they are also providing free shipping on international orders.

The final verdict

Looking at all the details about the company’s discounts, offers, and vouchers, it is sure that the company has planned a massive celebration for its 10th-year completion. They are providing free shipping, free gifts, and free shopping vouchers on all its local, domestic, and international orders.

One can send their gifts along with rakhi to the doorstep of their loved ones with an easy order placement facility. The company caters to multiple rakhi designs and various gift hampers with sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, personalized gifts, plants, etc., dedicated to an amazing and fulfilling Raksha Bandhan celebration.

Moreover, there is no minimum limit on availing of any of these facilities. Being a part of such a celebration will surely be delightful.

About the company is a dedicated website for Raksha Bandhan shopping. The company completed 10 years of existence in 2023 and is in full commemoration mode with its virtual family. The company aims to celebrate more such milestones with everyone directly and indirectly associated with its success. One can order their gifts and avail of the best facilities to celebrate a fulfilling Raksha Bandhan anywhere worldwide.