GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Download Latest Version For Android

GB Whatsapp pro v17.20 even for iphone and android is excellently working after the updates and new features added as well in 2023. The PRO version (17.20) does not require any specific model or 4G internet to download on your mobile. Here is the application with the name of Whatsapp Plus which is also an alternative to GB Whatsapp.

While on the other side, you can also migrate or switch to GB Whatsapp from official whatsapp without losing any personal data. We compiled the list of features of GB Whatsapp Pro that might be quite new for you, but yet they are helpful and interesting ones also.

Features in 2023

There are too many interesting yet friendly features introduced in the Pro version of GB Whatsapp. All the mandatory details and official information of GB Whatsapp has been stated below in easy to read and understand format.


Most of the users around the world are possessive and curious about their privacy and security concerns. This is the reason that Pro GB Whatsapp is much more reliable even than the official whatsapp because of its open source coding and interface.

Your Chats, Call logs, file sharing and many other contacting features are fully private that management of Pro GB Whatsapp cannot witness your data. They are also not allowed to share your details like Name, City, Phone Number and country details to anybody or private and governmental organizations.

Poke Messages/Calls:

This is also one of the most wanted and in demand features that is now being provided in the GB Whatsapp Pro version. You can hold the deleted messages or poking messages simultaneously. If the contact in your list deletes or Poke your messages, then you still can see the messages.


GBWhatsapp Pro version 2023 also acquires two different modes like Dark and Light mode. These two modes were not included in the older version, but now have been added in the latest version.

You can switch to Dark Mode which you can use at night or when it is dark, while the 2nd one can be used in the daytime. So this feature helped the users to use GB Whatsapp Pro more comfortably.

Interface Change

Customizing the interface of any app is not less than a blessing in the virtual world, which is now allowed and available in GB Whatsapp Pro version 2023 for iPhone and Android users both. You can customize the interface yourself like changing the position of navigation, hide or display the floating button and so many.

Color Enhancement

Another attractive feature of this APK is “Color Change” which can be done as per your desire. You can easily change the color of its Icon, color of “Notification” and Font’s color as well.

Change Fonts

Changing the fonts or format of text is also included in the top notch features of GB Whatsapp in 2023. You can set the fonts accordingly. These fonts are available in a vast variety and in different languages including Arabic, English, French and Hindi.

Status Saver

Saving Status manually is also a favorite feature of GB Whatsapp Pro in the current era. You do not require or need an additional or extra app to be installed in your mobile in order to save the status.

This is a built-in feature of GB Whatsapp Pro. You just need to press the download button to save the status, whether it’s a picture or video.

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