Future of Applied AI – Convergence of AI and Automation in Cloud Setup

AI Applied course is a powerful training opportunity for data science professionals wanting to accelerate their careers using foundations in Python, Watson and OpenCV. In one of the latest announcements, Indian MNC and leading IT Company, Infosys announced that they are diving into AI Applied Course basics to create custom augmented intelligence solutions across various business domains.

Let’s learn about the futuristic trends in the field of Applied AI and how they can contextualize every solution for complex solutions.


AI Cloud

Innovative machine learning applications have completely transformed the way IT managers execute their Cloud migration tactics. Now, IT operations depend heavily on AI and automation to Cloud operations, and therefore the rise of AIOps is evident in the current context of automation and virtualized IT management.

If you are involved in AI Applied Course, this is a solid opportunity for you to familiarize with the new emerging trends related to Auto ML (Machine Learning), AutoML Vision, Translation and Robotic Process Automation.


Conversational AI

We love to chat, but did you know that we will not remember 90% of the conversations and the context we ever discussed with our closest friends! The percentage of context retention in business scenario is even lower– may be less than 45%! That’s why companies like Google, IBM and Facebook are working with Applied AI techniques to build powerful conversational AI solutions for multiple online communication channels — Email, SMS, Voice and Mobile. The direct influence of Conversational AI platforms is on the speech to text and text to speech analytics and regeneration. 

We are witnessing how quickly Conversational AI is transforming the basic utility and commercialization of Virtual Assistants / intelligent chatbots, Virtual Agents, IVRs, Voice speakers, and IoT-based car navigation and AR VR tools. We can only imagine the future of Applied AI in voice-based tools from the way every gadget is now within a touching distance of getting converted into a Voice generation device! 


AI-based Content Generation

This has to be the most useful and reliable application of AI and Machine Learning in the modern era of Natural Language processing! 

A very potent example of AI-based content generation is Google’s Lens– the application turns an image captured from the phone into readable Google content. The reader can then use the text content to match the exact information by comparing the various images and validate the purpose / intent through countless search engine pages. 

Another useful application of Applied AI is now found in the Healthcare industry, where doctors no longer have to maintain voluminous files of patients and historical patient data. The Patient Data Management platforms or CRM for the doctors captures every minute detail of the interaction and drug administration to accurately pin point on the current and culture ailments that could impact health. The content generation technique alone has given rise to so many mobile apps for personalized healthcare, media and entertainment, travel, location marketing, and lifestyle. 

Amit Kumar

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