Funny Flags For House – Why I Need A Fun Flag On My House


How many times did you go to someone’s house and see the plain flag on the side of their house? I bet it’s not fun, and it doesn’t make you feel like coming inside and visiting them, right? The best house flags are the ones that can put a genuine smile on your face. But how to choose the most suitable funny flags for house is a popular question that people always get confused with when finding an answer to. 

Here are some of the points I made to explain why I love fun flags and how I chose them. Please scroll down to read on.

Why I Think Fun Flags Are Cute and Worth Displaying

When people see something like a fun flag on your house, it makes them smile. It’s almost as if they’ve been allowed to be themselves and show their personality. Those moments make other people happy, and at the same time, give me a sense of comfort in my heart

In other words, it’s an overall positive experience, no matter who you are or what your personality is. That’s why we should all consider having fun flags on our houses. We’re already living in a chaotic world, so let’s bring more joy into other people’s lives. With something as simple as a fun flag, we can do that!

Another reason why I love having some funny banners displayed on my house is that they can reflect my character and feelings. I have a group of friends that visit my house at the end of every month, and I appreciate it so much. That’s why I need to do something that would be both fun and welcoming to them. Specifically, I always ensured they could see my fun house flag from afar while on their driveway leading to my house. They told me they had already laughed even before actually seeing me, thanks to the hilarious flag. So, it worked! 

Kinds Of Funny Flag I Have

I love flags, particularly the novelty ones. That is why I hang them all over my house. They are super easy to find online, and they’re also available offline at stores. Online, you can search for funny flags on Google images, and you’ll find many types of them, ranging from colors to designs. 

Otherwise, visit Blog Flagwix, and you’ll find your favorites. Here are some of my favorite funny house and garden flags I bought from this online store. Which flag do you like most? Come on, let’s check it out now!

Halloween Schnauzer FlagThis Halloween, I hung a garden flag in front of my porch with an image of my favorite dog breed on it. Since I have a Schnauzer at home, this is the best one I’ve ever gotten for a spooky season. He was initially terrified of the flag, but he soon grew accustomed to it. Trick-or-treaters asked me if I could bring the dog out because he looked too cute on the flag.
This Is Us Horse Family FlagLast summer, I visited my grandparents in Pennsylvania; they had a horse farm, so I brought this flag with me. And guess what? When they first saw it, they both laughed. On the front porch and the stable, the flag did an excellent job. It’s been six months, but the flag still looks fine despite the strong winds. And because the horses mean a lot to them, I want them to keep it forever. 
Merry Christmas Cat FlagOne of my friends is always amazed at how cute my funny house flags are. So I decided to get her this flag last week. I chose this theme absolutely because she owns cats at home, and Christmas is also drawing near. The flag is made of canvas and mildew-resistant. So, I hope she and the cats will enjoy this gift over the holiday!
Goldendoodle Christmas FlagI have two dogs: a Schnauzer and a Goldendoodle. When I see this flag, it makes me smile all the time. I bought it, but I’ve never hung it because I only want to use it for Christmas this year. This flag is entertaining to watch; it’s as if my buddy is speaking directly to me and asking me never to leave him. Of course, I adore my dogs to the point where I could never imagine a Holiday without them!

How I Chose My Funny House Flags

When people visit my house, I want them to know how much fun we have here. That’s why a few months ago, after a long day at work, I decided to purchase some funny flags for my house. Flags add more personality and color to your home, which instantly makes it more unique from every other home on the block. Since there are so many options, here are a few tips when shopping for new funny flags.

How Specific I Want My Message To Be

I’ve always wanted to choose a fun flag for its message and not any cliché image. I don’t mind if my message is conveyed through pictures or words most of the time. What I’m most concerned about is whether or not the viewer can understand it when they look at it. Also, I must be sure that they would find it amusing without being offended for any reason.

The specificity in the flag’s message is crucial because it makes it easier for people to understand your beliefs, lifestyle, and jokes. Most importantly, they must understand that you are flying this flag merely to give pure joy to those who see it. So, whenever you take a quick look at some fun novelty flags, remember to ask yourself how long it takes you to understand the message on the flags. That should also tell you how specific the message is!

What Theme I Want On My Funny House Flag 

It’s essential to know the theme of your flag. A hilarious message can give people laughs, and a theme gives people excitement. But how do I decide what theme I want to put on my flag? It depends on what occasions, seasons, or holidays you will display your flags for. Or, in case you want to give a funny house flag as a gift to your loved ones, think about the most beautiful thing between you and them. That’s when you know what theme to go for.


I want my flags to be long-lasting, of course, so I think their quality must be important. In fact, the more high-quality a flag is, the more it will cost you. The tip is to decide where you want to put up your flags first and then think about what material to rely on so you won’t waste your money. 

If I liked to have a garden flag on the front yard, I should also know that it would be exposed to inclement weather, right? So, a polyester or nylon flag sounds better than a burlap or cotton one. In addition, if I wanted a fun flag under the eaves, it should probably be canvas, cotton, or maybe polyester (if my budget is OK).


Above is what I want to share with you about how I chose funny flags for house and why I think it’s worthwhile. There’s nothing precious than a piece of decor that can give people laughs and pure joy. By reading this article, I hope you may get inspired by my stories and make the same good ones of your own with a fun flag as well. 

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